Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Liverpool

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Liverpool


Posted 2021-02-08 by Faye Louise Grahamfollow
I don't usually make a habit of reviewing food chains. Independents are the one for me. With that said, the fact that I've gone out of my way to make this exception for GBK is a testament to how good the Liverpool branch of this burger place really is.

Lockdown restrictions meant we couldn't visit this time around - but that didn't stop us ordering for delivery!

Ordinarily, there's nothing groundbreaking about burgers and chips, right? Well, only if you've been getting them wrong your whole life.

Quality meat (cooked however you like it), fresh toppings, delicious signature sauces, and no soggy buns. What more could you want from a burger joint, really?

Seriously, burgers are done to death but this place just seems to get it right every time. You can't go wrong with house staples like the classic beef (with house mayo, relish and fresh salad). But, if you're after something a little bit 'extra', the Taxi Driver is a firm favourite in this household: American cheese, homemade onion ring, cajun relish, chipotle mayo, dill pickle, and salad.

I'm usually one for playing it safe flavour-wise, yet the humble Classic Chicken lures me in every time. Understated, succulent, chargrilled to perfection (or panko-crumbed of you prefer) - either way, never ever disappointing!

If meat isn't doing it for you, then there's plenty of veggie and vegan options to sink your teeth into, like the Cluck Free, Moo Free, and the Californian to name but a few.

But it's not just the burgers that are the star of the show here - chip lovers, they've got you covered. You can opt for super skinny or classic chunky.

Their thick-cut skin on chunky chips are my all-time fave -gorgeously fluffy on the inside, and mouthwatering crispy on the outside. They even managed to stay hot and maintain their structural integrity while being bashed about by delivery driver (some kind of rare foodie miracle that I've never experienced before!)

It's harder than you think to nail chips here in the UK - and so many fast food chains die trying. But these are a winner. 5 stars and a full-on chef's kiss from me.

If you're after the full American burger experience, then I'd recommend indulging in one of their killer milkshakes, too. They're super indulgent, but with flavours like double Belgian chocolate, sea salted caramel and oreo, how can you resist! If you're avoiding dairy, there's no need to miss out on the fun - their vegan chocolate is also an absolute winner.

Milkshakes, not your thing? No worries. There's plenty of 'fresh and fizzies' to choose from, and even a couple of well selected lagers, IPAs, and classic cocktails.

Overall, GBK burgers are simple but expertly done. As a diehard foodie and self-confessed take-out fiend, here's my confession - as it stands, this place one of my top 3 burger places in the Northwest.

I can't speak for every GBK branch but these guys know their stuff. If you ever find yourself in Liverpool (if the world ever opens up again), give this branch a go!

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