GoToMidtown - Free Midtown Walks

GoToMidtown - Free Midtown Walks


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Tue 02 Jul 2013 - Sun 29 Sep 2013

Bloomsbury, Holborn, and St. Giles are districts with booming business, and Inmidtown is an organisation that plans to keep things that way. Their objective is to keep these areas of London safe, sustainable, and popular with visitors. And what is the best way to attract visitors? First of all you have to provide them with lots of activities to do; second you have to make sure it is affordable. So have they ticked all the boxes?

On the activities front, they have started up GoToMidtown , a seasonal offering of guided walks led by Aly Mir. There are eighty different routes to choose from, and on these tours you will be able to see everything from public execution sites to where The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix made song recordings.

On the affordability front? It's free. I'd say that is check and check. If you would like to go on a free tour, this season runs until the 29th September. The meeting place for tours starting at 10am and 1pm is Holborn Station, while tours 11am, 2pm, and 5.30pm begin from the Information Centre on New Oxford Street.

Pepys Show
13th August, 5.30pm, 1hr 30mins

Samuel Pepys was a seventeenth century naval administrator who acted as Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under King Charles II and King James II. He is famous for his diary entries about life in London during the 1660s. On this walk, you will visit the sites he mentioned and learn about the restoration of the monarchy and the Great Plague.

A Taste of India
15th August, 1pm, 45mins

Visit places associated with Indian history and culture.

29th & 30th August, 1pm, 45mins, & 3rd September, 5.30pm, 1hr 30mins

A three part tour that looks at some of the sculptures and statues north of High Holborn and Bloomsbury.

Stand and Deliver!
6th September, 1pm, 45mins

Dick Turpin was a notorious thief. Learn about him and other terrifying highwaymen from the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Doctor's Appointment
7th September, 2pm, 2hrs

A tour all about Doctor Samuel Johnson's early life. You'll walk through Covent Gardens, Strand, and meet Johnson's biographer, James Boswell.

Lost for Words
8th September, 2pm, 2hrs

A second walks about Doctor Samuel Johnson. Here you'll go to Bloomsbury and Holborn to concentrate on Johnson's dictionary and later life.

Suffragette City
11th September, 1pm, 45mins

Visit sites linked to the struggle for votes for women.

Museum Mile
13th September, 10am-5pm

Visit thirteen of London's best museums. There are only twenty spaces, so bookings are required.

Pioneers of Policing
18th September, 1pm, 45mins

Discover the history of the early police force.

On the Trail of the Monster
20th September, 1pm, 45mins

Tour the sites where Jack the Ripper committed his notorious murders.

The Bat and the Cat
25th & 27th September, 1pm, 45mins

A behind the scenes look at the lives of rock and pop stars, Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens.

Stroll On
28th & 29th September, 2pm, 2hrs

A special walk about T-Rex star, Marc Bolan, covering his life and career during the sixties and seventies.

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