Goodlife Workshops

Goodlife Workshops


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Sat 25 Oct 2014 - Sun 02 Nov 2014

Located in Waterloo, The Goodlife Centre aptly fits its name. Just like Tom and Barbra Good in The Good Life, the centre encourage self-sufficiency. They may not be all about growing your own veg and rearing your own animals, but they do teach key skills for practical jobs around the home and trade crafts, including DIY, home maintenance, decorating, upholstery, woodwork, carpentry, furniture upcycling & restoration.

They hold regular workshops for absolute beginners, making it ideal for young adults who are flying the nest and living independently for the first time. The classes are fast paced, and taught in small groups, which means you get lots of attention, but also means that places book up fast.

Technical Drawing
25th October, £125

Great for those who want to get hands on in any renovation or refurbishing project. It is all very well having a clear image in your head of what you want, but a doodle on a scrap of paper does not translate very well. No matter what your drawing skill, professional stone mason, Daniel Mundy, will help you to draught up your own technical specs, including precise measurements and blueprints.

DIY in a Day
26th October, £165

A workshop for those who are constantly calling on Mr. Fix It. Now you'll be able to fix it yourself. Learn basic skills like tiling, drilling, screwing, putting up shelves, curtain rods, blinds, etc.

Basic Plumbing
27th October, £60

Plumbing is probably one of the least pleasant aspects of home maintenance, but it has to be done. Getting out a plumber every time the smallest thing goest wrong can be expensive, so in this workshop you'll learn how to fix leaky taps and unplug U-bends.

Furniture Painting Techniques
1st November, £165

For those with an artistic streak and flare for design, you can expand on your passion by learning different ways to paint furniture, such as the 'distressed' look, and adding stencil patterns to personalise your furnishings.

Repair Cafe
2nd November, Free

Have your got any broken furniture, faulty equipment, holey clothes? Don't throw them away. Take it to the Repair Cafe, and learn how to fix it in a community workshop.

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