Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill Park


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There can be green places in a real brick city. If you are a tourist, I am sure that you know the famous parks, like the Hyde Park or the Regent's Park, where you can feed the squirrels and sunbath if the weather is sunny. Moreover, I am sure that you don't know the most beautiful park in the city. In this place you can meet with a lot of animals like ducks, seagulls, deer, ostriches, as well as other birds.

This is a huge park with a toilet and café. You can walk a dog, play games with our children, read a book at the table or sit on the grass. But please - don't feed the animals.

In this park, you can find a football pitch and tennis courts, which are used by children and adults. Near the football pitc,h on the right hand side, you can see the ducks and the other birds at the picturesque lake. Around the lake you can feel free in the green belt area, because the vegetation and landscape are unspoilt. If you want a romantic landscape, near the deer, on the left hand side from the football pitch, there is an entry to the forest. Its mood is also amazing and ghostly. You can breathe fresh air, the long walk is healthy and the most important thing is that your problems go away for a while.

Walking in the forest, you can discover a very beautiful place which you would never have dreamed of. There is a secret garden with indescribable beauty - you are sure to take a new lease on life. You can sit down here on a special bench. On every bench, you can read a message from the past. This garden is not only a simple garden - it has a gazebo with a labyrinth. The garden is maintained in order for the plants and its crops flourish and grow.

This wonderful place is situated on West Heath Avenue; walk from Finchley Road, towards the Golders Green, then turn right at the West Heath Avenue.
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