Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne Distillery


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Many believe that within these walls lies the Holy Grail, otherwise known as the single malt whisky of the located at Dumgoyne near Killearn just 40 minutes from Glasgow in Scotland.

The Distillery was founded in 1833 by George Connell, the beginnings of which is a tale of Excisemen and hiding from the law. The landscape of Burnfoot Farm (the land on which the Distillery now resides), included a hidden waterfall and miniature glen, providing the perfect ingredients for exceptional Scotch Whisky. Once George does decide to work within the law, he gains a licence to distil at Glenguin of Burnfoot. The name changes to in 1907.

In 1836, George also takes out a 99 year lease on the land at a cost of £8, which reserves the right to take water from the burn. The lease for the land across the road, where the warehouses now lie, was taken out in 1883.

A visit to the Distillery today is an in depth lesson in distilling whisky. There are a number of tours available and there is no doubt that once you enter the Distillery there is a particular smell about it. For some it is quite pleasant, to our son however, well, he spent the tour with his shirt over his nose, to the entertainment of all on the tour. In fact, there is a tour here for everyone.

The Glengoyne Tour commences with a taste of Glengoyne 12 Year Old Whisky overlooking the magnificent waterfall and the secret glen where it all began. The tour takes you on the journey of whisky distilling and you will discover how they capture every ounce of flavour possible before the spirit enters the cask. You will then enter the stone warehouse to learn of the maturation process and how the spirit deepens in colour over the years.

The Wee Tasting Tour is much the same as the Glengoyne Tour, except that you will end the tour with a taste of Glengoyne 18 Year Old Whisky. The guide will take you through the tasting of each whisky and give you an introduction to the flavours and aromas.

The Gold Medal Parade again is much the same as the Glengoyne Tour and the Wee Tasting Tour. However, at the end of this tour you will enjoy a taste of the Glengoyne 18 Year Old, the 21 Year Old and then the Cask Strength Whiskies. This is not the tour to self drive!

Then there is the Whisky and Chocolate Tour . One of my all time favourites is alcohol and chocolate together! Who needs coffee and chocolate when you can have this? This tour ends with a tasting of 15 Year Old and 21 Year Old whiskies, each matched with handmade chocolates, specifically chosen for their flavour and intensity.

The Malt Master Tour enables you to create your own Glengoyne Highland Single Malt by adding a little from a bourbon cask here and bringing out a touch more sherry wood there; tinkering and tasting your way to your own creation. This one-off creation will then be presented to you in a 200ml Glengoyne bottle, boxed and labelled with a record of your own recipe.

The No. 1 Warehouse Tour takes you beyond the locked iron gates of Warehouse No. 1 armed with a dipping dug (a traditional whisky sampler). You will get to plunge the dug into a first fill bourbon barrel and a sherry cask and then head to the Sample Room to explore. Once back in the warehouse you will draw 200ml from your favourite cask, which is then put into a signature Glengoyne bottle for you to take home.

The Masterclass is a full tour of the Distillery which enables you to take in far more than any other tour including the dunnage warehouse. This is a day of nosing, swirling and tasting. You will taste five Glengoyne whiskies and a range of sherries and then create your own single malt which is then presented to you in a 200ml bottle, boxed and labelled and a Master Class Certificate.

Some tours require prebooking, please go to the website f or more information.

The tour guides here are knowledgeable and interesting. The Distillery is open 7 days and tours run on the hour. March to November, the first tour commences at 10 am and last at 5pm. December to February, the first tour commences at 10 am and last at 4 pm. The Shop is open 10 am to 5 pm.

Getting to the Distillery is easy. There is a direct bus service to Glengoyne from Buchanan Bus Station in the centre of Glasgow. By car, the Distillery is just 40 minutes from Glasgow or 30 minutes from Stirling or there are organised day tours. For further information about how to get to the Distillery please see the website .

This tour was a highlight of our trip. I am not a whisky drinker, but enjoyed the experience and getting to know just how whisky is created. My husband, well he enjoyed the tour and the whisky!

Costs and length for each of the tours are:

Glengoyne Tour £9 45 minutes
Wee Tasting Tour £12 1 hour
Gold Medal Parade £25 1.5 hours
Whisky and Chocolate Tour £25 1.5 hours
Malt Master Tour £60 1.75 hours
No. 1 Warehouse Tour £80 2 hours
The Masterclass £150 5 hours

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