Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference


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Sun 28 Jul 2013 - Mon 05 Aug 2013

Although Glastonbury is only a small town in Somerset, it is one of the most iconic locations in England. Drenched in myth, mysticism, and religious sites, it also holds one of the most famous festivals in the world. Glastonbury Festival is seeped in the hippy tradition of free love, music, and equality. The epic scale of Glastonbury Festival, however, means an equally as important event gets overshadowed. Have you ever heard of the the ? Taking place just one month later, between the 30th July - 4th August, the six day event is a 'transformational spiritual experience'. Granted, the word 'conference', does not sound quite as exciting as a festival, but the same mentality remains.

Approaching its eighteenth year, the conference celebrates the greatest goddess of them all: Mother Earth. Join Priestesses on a life changing journey through talks, workshops, performances, and a sacred ceremony, in which you will connect with Mother Nature, and delve into the heart of her mysterious ways.

The conference will start with the Nine Earth Circles ceremony, in which you will choose the circle that fits best with the land your heart calls to: Forests & Glens, Caves & Clefts, Mountains, Springs & Isles, Volcanoes, Hills & Valleys, Shoreline, Fields & Plains, or the Paradise Isle of Avalon. You will also be designated a colour that corresponds with the different elements of earth, such as nuts, berries, leaves, etc, and will be able to dress up in these colours when you participate in different activities.

These activities will include craft workshops, playing music, prayer offerings, dancing, yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, self-healing, poetry, and much more.

The earlier you book , the less tickets will cost. For the whole six days, tickets range from £280-£375, but you could get a significant discount and only pay £50 if you volunteer at the event. Alternatively, you can buy single day or half days tickets, which range from £22-£68.36.

For those interested in challenging themselves, you could arrive early on the 28th July for On The Fringe , which is a separate event, not included in the price of the conference, but offers similar activities such as spiritual and physical journeys through the Tor Labrynth, discussions the circle of life, ceremonial healings, and other workshops, which last until the 5th August.

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