Giraffe Restaurant, Southbank Centre

Giraffe Restaurant, Southbank Centre


Posted 2018-02-26 by Nathan Howardfollow

Taking up several hotspots across the UK, restaurant chain 'Giraffe' bring their love of food to the city of London.

With restaurants in cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, It isn't just the south this popular chain occupies. With several across London, Southbank is by far one of the chain's biggest and busiest restaurant. Visiting for myself absolutely proved this, and a queue time of 5 minutes to enter was needed.

Staff dealt with this fantastically and clearly worked hard and covered all areas to ensure a sufficient waiting time. There is an outdoor seating area stretching afar, closer toward the Thames, so this place as you can imagine is even more magnificent in the summer when one can exploit this. However, once seated indoors, the decor and family-friendly atmosphere was cosy enough for me.

From pizza, tapas, salads and all-day brunch, their dishes mainly embrace a modern English twist. Arriving for brunch, I chose the all-day full brunch option, which was everything you'd expect it to be. Tasty, filling and freshly made, their food is basic but doesn't lack in flavour or zest. And for just over £10, who can complain? Most of their dishes average at £12, making it an affordable place to eat if you're wanting a hearty meal or pit stop whilst taking in the breathtaking views. Service was fast and efficient, with our mains taking approximately 20 minutes to arrive, which was perfectly fine given how busy the restaurant was. But rest assured,; Giraffe ensure all dishes are freshly prepared. A service charge of 12.5% was also added to our bill. I assume this is throughout all restaurants, but even still - the prices are so reasonable a service charge is expected. With offers such as 2 for 1 available also, you really can make your pennies stretch further! Visit their website at to find out more.

Overall, Giraffe was a great and comfortable experience for me, and I hope you too find it as enjoyable and relaxing as I did.

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