Ginger & White Cafe

Ginger & White Cafe


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In a lovely little alley in Hampstead, you'll find a lovely little café. I visited Ginger & White for coffee and breakfast and left a satisfied customer.

It was a drizzly day when I visited and many other people also had comfort food in mind as we could not get a seat inside at first. The waitress was super friendly though and seated us outside, saying that when space became available inside it would be ours. So we made ourselves as comfortable as we could in the rain (under a plastic canopy, but had the drizzle gotten heavier, we may not have been able to sit there). There was a slight breeze, so we made use of the blankets on each chair and wrapped ourselves up out of the wind. The waitress took our orders and before our coffees even came out, we were moved to a corner of the communal table inside.

Inside was much nicer than outside, needless to say, and we were soon on our way to warming up. The coffees arrived and proved an excellent invigorating tonic and completed the thawing out process that moving inside has begun.

Ordering breakfast has meant making a difficult choice as most of the menu was appealing but I had opted for the porridge. This proved an error in judgement – not because the porridge wasn't delicious – it most certainly was. It's just that when my partner had his scrambled eggs and bacon delivered, I had food envy.

The porridge came with blueberries, bananas and toasted coconut flakes and was as yummy as that sounds. However, the bacon was cooked beautifully and the scrambled eggs were silky smooth – I know because I snuck a mouthful when my partner wasn't looking.

There were lots of cakes on display that I was tempted to sample but I didn't know how well they'd travel and I knew that my belly was going to be full for the next little while. I am a peanut butter fiend though, so I did take a jar of their homemade peanut butter with me.

It's nice, with a hint of salt and honey to really set it apart from other brands. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and would certainly go back!

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