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Gin71 Glasgow


Posted 2017-01-04 by Heather Buchanan McDonald follow

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas time, it can be hard to find somewhere that isn't overrun by Christmas partygoers, families or just sheer chaos. But over this festive period, I visited Gin 71 and they seemed untouched by the chaos

At first, the staff were a little busy and unaware of our need for menus but once we gathered their attention they were nothing but helpful all night. The staff were consistent with making sure our glasses were filled and the food was to our satisfaction. When our party asked to change seats they were extremely accommodating and let us move from a large table in the centre to a cosy booth at the side. Gin 71 had a classy yet homely feel about it with the decor beautifully emphasising their atmosphere and the music ranged from a vast array of upbeat 80s tunes that seemed to please the majority of guests.

The layout of Gin 71 is split in a way that makes sure all types of groups can be accommodated for. Along the window there are cute and cosy two seat tables, in the middle there are tables for large groups and across the other are booths for small groups or couples. This, therefore, means that the audience of Gin 71 is widely varied. During my time there I saw all walks of life pass through the door ranging from a group of 19-year-old students to an elderly couple and a table full of men on a work night out. The mixture of people means that anyone who arrives will feel welcome and that there isn't a specific type of 'person' that drinks in Gin 71, which is a refreshing feeling.

Being a gin bar, Gin 71 have a wide selection of gins which are all displayed in a concise menu. The drinks process involves choosing your gin, mixer, and garnishes which are beautifully laid out in an infographic manner in the menu. It makes the whole process of choosing your drink childlike and exciting. Meaning that near enough everyone can find something based on their tastes. And for those overwhelmed at the choice they have pre-made cocktails on hand and very helpful staff to assist you in working out the drink for you.

For those non-gin drinkers, they have a lovely selection of other drinks and many food options too. The food our party delved into was two of their sharing platters and a Mac n Cheese. The sharing platters did not scrimp on the portion sizes and came with sharing bread and hefty amounts of meat and fish, as these were the boards chosen. The Mac n Cheese also came in various different forms for a simple add-on price. Similarly to the Gin process, the food choice at Gin 71 can be altered to preferences and the staff are more than accommodating in making sure you and the one calling the shots. In regards to the food, the service was quick and the standard of food was very high leaving everyone satisfied.

Overall, Gin 71 provides a unique drinking experience in the heart of Glasgow that can excite and interest many different people. As someone who was not fond of gin I left with a changed perception and realised gin isn't just your basic gin and tonic that you've watched your aunt drink at every family party. Gin can come in many different flavours and types and with the right guidance, you will also, hopefully, find a brand new favourite drink. All the while feeling totally chilled out and stuffed from eating wonderful food.

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