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Posted 2012-12-22 by Sally Writesfollow
18 year old looked at my nails and decided that I definitely needed to go with her to have a manicure before Christmas. She very kindly insisted on paying for me and would not take no for an answer.
"But there is no point" I said. "They will get ruined when making mince pies".
"They will be fine". She said.
"And I need to clean the bathrooms. The chemicals will damage them". "No, they won't", she persisted. "It's my treat. Come with me".

And so I went along to Nikita Mundy with 18 year old. I was still not convinced that my nails would last beyond Christmas Eve, but it is always lovely to be pampered.

Nikita uses Geleration by Jessica Cosmetics. I have come across this system before and know that Shellac and Calgel offer a similar product.

It is a gel overlay system and has the astonishing benefit it seems of being virtually indestructible, of strengthening rather than weakening your nails and of looking smoother than any varnish I personally have ever used.

Nikita did our nails. They looked stunning and it was just lovely to sit there drinking tea, chatting and relaxing. We had a great time. Thank you 18 Year Old.

"And tell me" I said, "You are sure that if I clean the house, the chemicals won't destroy the gel"? (Because I love cleaning of course). "No" she replied. "Absolutely not. And if they do get chipped slightly, come back and I'll fix it for you. They should last three weeks."

Amazing I thought. For three weeks I should have nails that look like Gabby's from Desperate Housewives . Eat your heart out Longoria/Beauty Eva Longoria . Sally Lomax has nice nails now too.

It's day two so far and all is looking good.

Thank you Nikita and thank you 18 Year Old for the treat.

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