Garden Craft Courses 2013

Garden Craft Courses 2013


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Wanting to make your garden beautiful for summer, but find everything in the shops samey and uninspiring? Why not add your own personal touch by making your own garden ornaments, furniture, and other practical things?

Both Forest Gardens and the Ardington School of Crafts offer a wide range of courses that you can take, where you will learn to make all sorts of things for your garden and home. Need something to put your plants in? Carve your own stone flower pots; Having a family barbecue? Bake sourdough in a homemade clay oven. The only limit is your imagination.

Forest Garden Courses
Shovelstrode Lane, East Grinstead, Sussex, RH19 3PH

Make a Stool
%%14th June, 12th July, 27th September, 11th October

Over three days, you will learn about the different properties of timber, and be taught how to make a wooden stool without the need for glue, nails, or screws. You can also learn how to make a chair on the 5th August.

Hurdle Making
%%29th June, 27th July

Hazel wattle hurdles can be used as fencing, screens, or dividers for the garden. In this workshop, you will learn how to weave the sticks together to create solid structures.

Clay Oven Building
%%30th June, 28th July

In a group, learn the basics of how to make an outdoor clay oven for bread and pizza making. This coincides with lessons on how to bake sourdough on the 21st July.

Art in the Woods
%%9th July

Learn how to draw, paint, and craft with the products of nature, including charcoal, colour pigments, leaves, flowers, and twigs.

Ardington Courses
School Road, Ardington, Oxfordshire, OX12 8PN

Stone Carving
%%22nd & 23rd June

Learn about the different types of stone appropriate for carving, and receive instruction on how to use the tools needed to create your very own Cotswold stone planter.

Willow Structures
27th June, 6th & 7th July

Learn how to weave wigwams, trellis, and various animal ornaments out of willow.

Sun Hats
%%11th August

Protect your eyes from the sun with your own handmade hat. You'll learn to weave them out of bullrushes, and make them to measure. The course is currently full, but you can sign up to their waiting list.

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