Funkademia @ Mint Lounge

Funkademia @ Mint Lounge


Posted 2013-03-08 by Tammy Faceyfollow
A little grimy, a little bit indie, and a whole lot funky: Funkademia at Mint Lounge is a breath of fresh air compared to the many bars in the Northern Quarter. It's fresh, unpretentious and has a student-cool vibe. The crowd in Mint Lounge is varied at best, and you probably won't see the same people in their every week, but you can guarantee funky, groovy tunes to dance to.

We weren't expecting the music, but on a recent night out where we were hunting for the best bar in the Northern Quarter we decided to hit the unconventional Mint Lounge. It's not up to much when it comes to décor, and outside there's simply a sign that says 'MINT'. You pay a guy who looks like a student, go down the stairs, take a few turns, open the doors, and you're in a psychedelic mix of old-skool Hip-Hop, eighties and nineties hits, and a little R 'n' B for good measure.

If the music sounds like your kind of thing then head down. The crowd is easy; it's generally full of young people bopping about, dancing like they've only just realised they have feet, and older funk seekers who range from thirty to fifty year olds.

Funkademia, but specifically Mint Lounge gets extra brownie points because of its facilities. The toilets are surprisingly clean considering they're mixed and there's plenty of toilet roll to hand. I generally find on nights out the club/bar toilets are always quite dirty and there's never any toilet roll, but Mint Lounge clearly look after their customers, and if a great soundtrack won't guarantee your return, the clean toilets certainly will.

Drinks are averagely priced, and of course tap water is free.
It's cheap to get in, too. It's usually £5 entry, but if you're lucky enough (like us) to get collared by their promoter, he'll give you mini flyers that make your entry a bargain £3.

Even if you're not in the mood to dance Mint Lounge is a winner on a Saturday night.Funkademia makes you feel easy, it has an excitable yet relaxed atmosphere, it's one of the cheaper venues in Northern Quarter, and overall is a night you won't easily forget.

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