Fuel Juice Bars, Bullring Shopping Centre

Fuel Juice Bars, Bullring Shopping Centre


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After my favourite juice bar closed down in the city centre I've been forlorn. Where am I to find a boost of energy when I'm feeling low? Where will I get my five a day when I'm on the go? After hankering for a midday smoothie for months, my prayers had been answered. On the top floor of the West side of The Bullring is the brand spanking new juice and smoothie bar: Fuel.

The first time I visited Fuel, I was meeting a friend for dinner in town. Being an early bird I'd arrived in town closer to lunch time than dinner time and I hadn't eaten much. My tummy began to growl and feeling like I was losing weight by the second, Fuel was a beacon of light when my hunger had reached its peak.

They sell an array of juices and smoothies which all start from £2.95 for a 'small' (16oz), and £3.95 for a 'regular' (24oz). Personally I can't condone spending £3 or £4 on a juice, no matter how 'super' they are. A smoothie, however, I'm quite partial to, especially when hunger strikes.

Faced with a menu of the following, it was almost hard to make a selection:
Dairy Smoothies which contain fat free frozen yogurt, low fat milk, or soy.
Dairy-free Smoothies where they fat free frozen yogurt is replaced with fat free sorbet
**DIY Smoothies
DIY Juices**
Power Smoothies which all contain different types of Super Fuel, from gym fuel, slimmers fuel and Matcha Green Tea

Appetising as all the above blends sounded I chose a Fruit Smoothie: Berry Buzz - blackberries, raspberries,strawberries, blueberries, apple juice and frozen yogurt - but after one sip I didn't like it. Thankfully the manager was pretty cool about me swapping it for another. She recommended the Raspberry Razzle - raspberries, mango, banana, mango juice and frozen yoghurt - which I didn't really like the sound of, but she urged I try it. Needless to say I left, happily sipping my fresh smoothie, with a little swing in my step.

Drinks aside, the customer service was a breath of fresh air. In the past I've visited smoothie bars/restaurants where I've asked if I can order once it's been served, and the management have been a bit funny. At Fuel though there was none of that. They quickly offered a refund and then replaced my drink with another. Happy days.

Fuel also sell health snack extras, like Bounce raw energy balls, yoghurt coated nuts and chocolate coated Brazil nuts, all of which start from £1.85.

Looks like I've found a new favourite juice and smoothie bar.

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