Froyoberry: Fat Free Frozen Yogurt - Manchester

Froyoberry: Fat Free Frozen Yogurt - Manchester


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The frozen yoghurt bug has well and truly hit the UK. With numerous 'fro-yo' franchises popping up in every city, you wonder how we ever lived without frozen yoghurt. In each fro-yo store there is the option for 'natural', or flavoured yoghurt and a selection of healthy toppings like fruit and nuts. However, there is also a more suggestive option for the excitable customer; toppings like crushed chocolate and sweets! It begs the question whether frozen yoghurt is actually a healthy option, or just another weird American fad the English have caught.

The fro-yo craze has hit Manchester: Frurt, is a popular frozen yoghurt store closest to Castefield and Deansgate, there's another in Fallowfield - students central - and there's a new one on Cross Street: FroYoBerry, right on the corner next to Betfred's. A brand spanking new frozen yoghurt shop!

For those that know, frozen yoghurt is next to Godliness for a number of reason: it's creamy, it's sweet, it's a guilt-free treat - what could be better? Health-conscious bunnies listen up: frozen the answer. It is a fat free alternative to a sugary tub of ice cream, or a chocolate bar. When you get such cravings head to FroYoBerry. If you're already a fan of yoghurt, then great; frozen yoghurt, and specifically the FroYo Berry kind is nothing less than delicious.

They have four flavours: natural, vanilla, watermelon, and seasonal. A natural, small tub of frozen yoghurt with no toppings comes in at £2.45 which is a steal compared to FroYo's competitors. Medium costs £2.95, and a large £3.45. Cheaper than most FroYo's topping are also more adventurous than the rest, with gummy bears being the most unusual. One topping costs 50p, and two toppings 90p.

Their most popular 'flavour' is natural, which comes as no surprise when you've come in for frozen yoghurt, not frozen chocolate yoghurt. 'Natural' is also the creamiest frozen yoghurt we've tried, it tastes more 'yogurt-y', which is a comfort when their competitors offerings can taste weirdly artificial.

FroYoBerry are all about the goodness; the shop is full of healthy food and drink options like smoothies, herbal tea, low far milkshakes and sports drinks like Neuro (apparently they help you burn fat?!). Healthy message noted, their fat free ethos by works - the shop is always busy with fro-yo hunters, business is booming.

Drop in, and you'll no doubt leave feeling healthier, (chocolate), slurping a tub of your new favourite ice cream substitute. Welcome to the new year.

Opening times:
10am-10pm Monday to Friday
10-11pm Saturday
11am-9pm Sunday

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