Frost Burgers, Liverpool

Frost Burgers, Liverpool


Posted 2019-10-12 by Faye Louise Grahamfollow
Burger fans, prepare yourself for a mini world of meat-free wonders! AKA badass street food by Monami Frost.

If you're not familiar with Frost Burgers, it's one of Liverpool's newest street food joints, the only one of its kind created and owned by tattoo model turned YouTube entrepreneur Monami Frost.

Intriguing to say the least, right?

Now for the record, I'm not vegan myself, so you can rest assured that this review isn't some kind of attempt to convert you all. I will, however, use this opportunity to regale you with a tale about one of the most fervently anti-vegan people I've ever met in all my days, in a strange turn of events becoming one of Frost Burger's biggest advocates.

As an old colleague of mine, this person who shall not be named (Hiya Dan, hope you're reading!) took great pride in rejecting the idea of veganism as a lifestyle choice. He loved his meat and that was that. End of discussion. wasn't the end of the discussion. And you can imagine the shock of an open office when he marched in one day, declaring that after having tried a Frost burger with his vegetarian other half the night before, he hand on heart preferred it to ANY other regular burger he'd ever eaten.

High praise indeed.

(As a parting gift from that job I gave him a tiny vegan flag for his office desk, which is now so saturated in sentimental value that he has to keep it. *cue evil laugh*)

I digress. But the point is, he loves this place. And I can't think of a more glowing review for a vegan burger place than from that of a converted carnivore.
So, on to the food. Though Frost Burger's premises are tiny, there's an impressive range of options to choose from, whatever your preference. Everything on the menu is painstakingly 100% plant-based meaning there's no meat in sight, and everything is suitable for vegans.

Sink your teeth into the mouth-watering beef free burger, or try a chicken-free if the mood takes you. Want the taste of a big mac, sans meat? Then the faux cheeseburger is for you. Other options include fish-free, falafel, and some spicy hidden favourites like the 'Scorpion'. Each is crammed with fresh salad, vegan cheese, and tasty homemade sauces unless otherwise stated. Make it a meal with fries and a can for a reasonable £9.99. (Even drinks are a refreshing change from mainstream soda brands here and include choices like Karma cola and Gingerella ginger ale.)

Every aspect of the menu seems impressive, and it looks to be growing. Even the sauces are something to write home about! (all were completely vegan and choices include garlic mayo, BBQ, sriracha mayo, 'no honey mustard', sweet chilli and ketchup.)

For a street food restaurant, portion sides are hearty, but on the off chance that you're not full and craving something sweet afterwards, get involved with doughnuts, Frost shakes or even a 'frosty' ice-cream cone.

As an added bonus they also serve all meals in compostable packaging, which is good news for the eco-conscious among us.

Check out their social media pages for new items and regular teasers of their secret menu.

Who knows what the future will hold for Frost burgers. But for now? Get 'em while they're hot. You'll be sorry you didn't try it sooner.

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