The Franchise Show

The Franchise Show


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Fri 14 Feb 2014 - Sat 15 Feb 2014

The Ferengi are a money grabbing race; it is therefore no surprise that they have two hundred and eighty-five Rules of Acquisition. Now, I don't for one moment suggest that you follow these greedy aliens' example; some of the rules are down right preposterous. For example, rule No. 266 says 'when in doubt, lie.' Not a good idea. Or a moral one.

But they do have a few rules that any business entrepreneur should listen to. Rule No. 3 states 'never pay more for an acquisition then you have to', while No. 22 says 'a wise man can hear profit in the wind.'

Combine these together, and you should be able to hear the call of , inviting you to their exhibition on the 14th & 15th February at London ExCel.

With free entry, free seminars, and free advice, you won't be paying more than for the journey up there (get a friend to give you a lift, and you'll get that free too), and there is nothing more profitable than taking on board good advice.

The show is open between 10am-5pm, and free tickets can be booked online or by calling 0800 1577950.

Showcasing franchise brands from around the world, is the free franchising event in the UK, and welcomes both new and experienced visitors. Highlights include 'Quiz the Franchisor', where you can ask important investment questions. Meet the entrepreneurs who have already succeeded in creating a business in 'A Day in the Life'. Get advice on funding at the Finance Clinic, and discover the benefit of Franchise Re-sales.

Have kids? There's no need for them to suffer immeasurable boredom as you drag them around the exhibition. Drop them off at the Children's Activity Zone, where there is a Mini Monkey Gym to keep them occupied.

There will be over sixty 'Focus on' seminars , each featuring different a franchise sector, delivered by the most respected and experienced professionals in the industry. These half hour sessions cover the characteristics of the market, investment levels, expected return, skills needed, the common pitfalls, and day-to-day runnings. For example, Andrea Loasby asks 'Is Franchising for You?', while Ben Kench explains why 'Sales is where it's at'.

So get your Ferengi lobes into gear and take the opportunity to discover the secrets of success.

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