Foxcroft and Ginger Cafe

Foxcroft and Ginger Cafe


Posted 2016-07-24 by Tammy Faceyfollow
I love a good little cafe, and this one at the end (right at the end, keep walking), of Berwick Street, is my favourite, especially if like me, you've got quite a bit of work to do, and like to sit with your laptop, doing said work, sipping on some really good, loose leaf tea.

I've become somewhat of a loose leaf tea expert and if the cafe I've stumbled in, on the way to a meeting, or rushed into ahead of a casting, doesn't have loose leaf, I'll leave it/ look elsewhere. Surprisingly, London doesn't have that many cafes that serve up a good pot of loose-leaf, but Foxcroft and Ginger 's one of them.

They've got another caff' in Whitechapel, but if you're in central, this spot's a lush place. It reeks of cool-kids-in-need-of-coffee, meets distressed artists and MacBook bunnies who want someone to sit, sip and write.

All of their teas are made from fresh tea leaves, supplied by Chash Tea. They have a wide rnange, which makes a nice change from most places that just offer one or two types of green, white and black. Some of their teas also change with the seasons, so seriously, head in and pick your favourite.

Whilst I'm a huge tea- drinker, I appreciate a good coffee, and Foxcroft & Ginger do this exceptionally well too. I only care for fresh, single origin coffee, when I can get it, so I'm pretty particular. My friend enjoyed an espresso, which, though strong, was actually really good. A lot of fine coffee is all to do with the barista, but having good coffee to start with, helps.

Foxcroft & Ginger also have rather talented bakers on hand too - I spotted their chef at work when I nipped to the toilets, which is just past the downstairs kitchen, who was making the most darling buns. It's their sourdough pizzaz they make fresh though, which had me salivating.

My friend and I were only chatting briefly, so a quick coffee and cuppa were all we needed before I cracked on with my work, but whilst we were chewing the fat, we were both drawn to the scent and sight of a bechamel and halloumi pizza. Nice work Foxcroft & Ginger.

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