Foundation Show 2017 - Central Saint Martins

Foundation Show 2017 - Central Saint Martins


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Thu 11 May 2017 - Sat 13 May 2017

Central Saint Martins is a very private university, which is difficult to get into if you are not staff or student there. Nevertheless, a few times a year, events take place in the building, hosted by the students or companies, that allow the public to enter this artistic universe. The Foundation Degree show, going on right now, is one of these.

Firstly, let me define for non-artists what the Foundation in Art and Design degree is. It is a one-year course that nearly everyone has to do before doing a Bachelor of Arts, to prepare their portfolio and application. Indeed, it is impossible to get into a BA directly after A-levels. The Central Saint Martins Foundation is, therefore, one of the best in the country, offering fine art, graphic design, product design, jewellery and finally, fashion. Nearly all of its students gets into the best art and design universities in the UK, including Goldsmiths, Slade, Kingston, LCF, LCC and mostly, Central Saint Martins.

The show is divided into different rooms, presenting the different pathways offered in the course. Each student presents their final piece, summarising everything they learned during this year. You can also see which course and university they got into and read the ideas behind their projects. Depending on the time of the day, the students are sometimes there, so you can directly ask them questions. Don't forget to follow him or her on Instagram or other social media, he or she could probably be the next artistic rising star!

Going into the building, you will also get a peek of what is getting installed for the Degree Show Part One, which is happening next week. Same system as the Foundation Show, but showing the final piece of 3 years of hard work from every degree - Part One being for Art degrees. You will also get to see the great architecture of the building which is dedicated to art and fashion.

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