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The is set right in the heart of the student area of Fallowfield in Manchester. It is renowned for its long list of cocktails at a very fair price, ranging from £2 onwards, however they also serve food and other drinks to cater for everyone during the day.

Generally Font comes alive later in the evening, due to its popularity with students and late opening times. It is at this time when you can find the music and the large groups of people enjoying the cheap cocktails and is probably one of the defining features of the establishment. Don't expect to gain any seats with your drink as the later you leave it the more people flood in, though the atmosphere is generally a good one regardless of whether you are sitting or standing. A downside to the popularity is of course the waiting time for a drink, though they are worth the time spent it can be frustrating trying to get noticed at the bar, particularly when drunk people are forcing their way in before you.

The list of cocktails and drinks is a long one, sometimes leaving you stuck for choice. Obviously this is in the best way possible. The menu is something to be proud of and with a price range of £2 to £4, it's not hard to see why Font has become such a prominent feature amongst students in Fallowfield. Other drinks include lagers and ales and on the non alcoholic agenda is soft drinks and non alcoholic cocktails.

The venue itself features 3 floors, the basement fitted with toilets, the main floor with the bar and some seating and the top floor with more seating. Aside from the toilets, these places get very crowded during the busier hours, particularly if there is a large part of people inside. is popular with people celebrating so it is not uncommon to see it quite full. To gain entry you need to have a valid form of ID, but you won't see queues to get in.

Font could be argued to be stuck half way between a club and a bar, for some this is a bit of a turn off due to the fact that it is difficult to maintain a conversation over the music. In past experiences the music was so loud that people began to complain, yet it all depends on personal preference. In all, if you're looking for a cut above the average pint or vodka and mixer, offers the perfect opportunity, and at a reasonable price.

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