Floridita Bar & Restaurant

Floridita Bar & Restaurant


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At the weekend I put on my swirling skirted dress and headed for the Latino bar Floridita, based in Soho on Wardour Street. Open from 7pm until around 2am, you are sure to have an experience unlike any other bar in London.

From the outset the place seems impressive: a bar to the left as you enter and then a cascading marble staircase leading down into the bar and restaurant, complete with dance floor. The décor is red, and black complimented by white leather booths. The lights are very low and the music is loud. It feels like a mix between an authentic Havana style club and a 1920's hangout for all the gangster's Molls in town. I was pleasantly surprised by how happenin' the place is.

This place is not for the faint hearted. Nor is it for the spend-thrifts. I say this because there is a live band which evokes classically sexy hip-orientated dancing on the teeny dance floor and men sweeping girls off of their feet onto the dance floor and the drinks menu is rather pricey - although the authenticity of the cocktails make it worthwhile.

I would say although there is a bar and restaurant, people come here to dance, despite the small dance space [which is probably purposely small to emulate the genuineness of Latino dancers getting up close and personal].

The live bands were fantastic and were on a par with many Latino bands I have seen in Spain and Latin America.

Unfortunately, I was not there to sample food but you are able to enjoy the show or band whilst gorging on a three course meal. But do not expect a quiet or relaxed dinner - it's so loud the only options is to dance along whilst you eat, not talk.

You can look at the menu via their website. There is a variety of Latin America [mainly Mexican] and Spanish food- you can even pre-order a whole suckling pig [enough for 8 people]. Eat like the King of España!

The cocktails are the highlight at the bar, Floridita have an impressive Rum collection. The cocktail collection start from a fairly reasonable £8- if you want to push the boat out and treat your friends there is a sharing cocktail barrel which will set you back £160. Dios Mio! My cocktails of choice were a traditional Margarita and the house Daquiri.

You can book tickets and tables for live events at Floridita by following this link . Ticket prices start from around £10. There is an extra fee if you are booking a table to dine in the restaurant. You will be charged £7 for the treat of the live band whilst you eat.

There are restricted and premium sections which I presume you may have to pay a little extra for. You can find all the details on their website.

I would say it is best suited to those who are in their mid-twenties or over. If you are a fanatic of all things Latino, this place is for you.

It is quite expensive but it is a decadent place in the heart of London so what do you expect?

Great for a night out with a twist, a first date or with a group of friends if you love to bust out your best salsa moves.

Nobody is self-conscious on the Floridita dancefloor.

Close to Oxford Circus Station [took me about 8mins to walk it]. Also close to Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus.

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