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There are two things in the world that drive me completely crazy: good pizzas and good brownies. I gave up on good pizzas he moment I actually moved to London. For as much I tried to adapt, my Italian conscience continued to haunt me, preventing me from becoming dependent on Domino's or PizzaHut on those nights I didn't want to cook. Part of me died. And how do you heal a broken heart? With chocolate, of course. Even better when presented in a brownie-shape, accompanied by salted caramel.

So I started the research for the perfect brownie (or the almost-perfect, the award goes to my mother's), ending up in Soho where I found this small place that reminded me of Futurama for no reason at all and I decided to give it a try. I don't honestly even know why I bought a brownie, since mainly does pizzas. I can't answer hat, but I sure wasn't disappointed for my reckless choice.

So I ordered the salted caramel brownie (which, by the way, is also gluten-free) and went downstairs, waiting for my Americano to get to me and make me feel alive again. I certainly didn't expect to fell in love with a brownie that evening. I have eaten a lot of brownies in my life, more than I can even remember, but that one stuck in my mind like no brownie before.

Forget the buttery brownies that make you sick after a single bite, forget the raw ones for the vegan-y types that taste like paperboard, and even forget the supermarket ones that taste like chemicals. simply won.

That was before my moving to London. Safe to say I spent the following month dreaming of that brownie again. Now that I've come back, I'm counting the hours separating me from the brownie of my dreams. In a place that mainly does pizzas. Life is strange indeed.

Why ?

So, after all of that, why should you go there to have an awesome brownie, if the brownie itself isn't enough?

- The flat pizzas are good, made with fresh ingredients and without being cheesy and overtopped like the ones you get from most of thepizza places in London.

- It's a nice break if you're having shopping in the Oxford Circus area - the place is at 39 Great Marlborough Street.

- It's open until 10 pm.

- It has fee Wi-Fi, which is always a plus.

- It is extremely affordable - cheap and fast dinner or lunch and you're ready to go.

And if you really don't want to go to Soho for whatever reason, you can always order your flat pizza and salted caramel brownie on Deliveroo: what's your excuse now?

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