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Posted 2013-03-29 by Tammy Faceyfollow
You know when you have that special outfit, or a certain ensemble that you wear for certain occasions that makes you feel powerful, confident, and like you're going to win? I have a dress like that. I call it my 'interview dress'. Every time I wear it I get the job. I've had this dress just over a year, and it's an absolute winner. It fits me perfectly, and each time I've worn it (a total of three times) everyone says I look amazing.

I had an interview, and of course pulled out my dress to wear. It tried it on feeling pretty happy with myself until I noticed a slight tear at the bottom on the seam. You can only imagine my terror seen as my interview was the following day. I tried to sew the dress myself, but I'd made it worse (just my luck). In my anxiety I Googled the nearest tailors and got there twenty minutes before closing, and boy am I thankful I went.

As I rushed in a (young) man smiled, and I whipped out the dress showing him the tear. I explained that I needed this dress done by 9am tomorrow and would they be able to fix in it that time? He was a beacon of calm, took the dress from me and said he'd do it right now.

He headed downstairs (what I imagined to be Geppetto's workshop) and within five minutes reappeared with my dress that looked as good as new. It only cost five pounds. I left, delighted with my new dress, confident that I would get the job.

I recommend Fix 2 Fit to anyone in Manchester who is looking for a quick, cheap, and easy way to solve dilemmas, such as when you need a zip replacement (£10 for trousers), a wedding dress altered (prices vary), or skirt altered (from £10). They specialise in leather and denim fixtures and offer alterations and repairs while-you-wait.

They are quick, friendly, and the owner, Ismail, is a lovely chap who is happy to chat about how his family started their tailor business over 40 years ago. And there is a picture of his father in action on the wall, which makes you feel looked after. Hurrah for good, honest folk, and the art of needlework.

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