Fancy Crab Restaurant

Fancy Crab Restaurant


Posted 2017-09-11 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow

So, I'm the one in red, yes, they do accord me a VIP status in the place! From the moment go, I watch, interested. Anywhere, I am sure, this whole 'only one item on the menu' thing comes with a certain kind of performance anxiety as everything rests with the prima donna or prima crustacean in this case. Anyway, the very friendly staff first do their bit, almost like a curtain raiser before the grand opera of the crab begins! I watch and see that the customer is hooked and settles for a grilled portion of leg.

Whilst waiting, the table receives a complimentary delightful little plate of rolls with seaweed butter (yes, still the curtain raiser thing going on there). A starter of fresh oyster nestling on a bed of ice, with a lemon and some chilli sauce makes its appearance, priced at a reasonable £3 per piece (since last week, it has now actually reduced to £2.50 per piece!). A good prelude before the show, which now is ready to begin. The grilled meat, teased out from the shell, for mess-free eating is accompanied by Hollandaise sauce and a pleasing little pail of fries.

I taste perfection in every bite taken- soft, cooked in thyme butter. There is a bar operating as well, but the customer being teetotal decides to stick with water (anyway, with crab being the thing to taste, when one walks into this place, I kind of agree with her).

I can hear the sales manager tell the first-time customer that this a rather new venture of a few months old and they are hoping it will become a hit. Further, there is a treat waiting for new customers- dessert on the house! An array of choices ranging from the usual sorbets to cheese boards as well as a rather unusual one of lemon and lavender flavoured creme brulee. The customer settles for that one and I can see that they are enjoying the very authentic taste of the lavender flavour. They then promise to review the place too.

For that person who comes into Fancy Crab, sees the giant crab art on the wall, the menu screaming crab and yet asks for meat, they do have a beef burger and char-grilled chicken option (well, I'd really like to give those diners a piece of my mind!).

I would say this is one strictly for crab lovers - yes, I make no apologies here. I've come all the way from the waters of the Barents Sea in the North Atlantic region and I know I'm special. Why, in that picture of me, I weigh about 3 kg and cost around £89 per kg. So, I'm not cheap, but indeed, I am a special treat for seafood lovers! So, why not step into Fancy Crab and ask for me- oh, yes they'll know me, alright! As I told you, I am the VIP here. After all, it's folks like me who make their business run!

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