Family Workshops at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Family Workshops at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre


Posted 2017-07-01 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
Living in London, one sometimes tends to take things for granted - you know how it is, when you pass by landmarks every day without a second thought. Only when visitors come and actually purchase tickets to view these, sometimes you are shaken out of your reverie to indeed see the wood for the trees. And in this spirit, the recently gone holidays found me making a booking for self and my two girls to attend a family workshop at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre at the South Bank, London.

Lasting approximately an hour, the workshop was led by one of the Globe theatre staff. I wondered how he was going to get this motley bunch organised within an hour to perform a play which the Bard, in keeping with his style had given free rein to his imagination in the form of a sorcerer, a tree spirit, a deformed native and of course some young lovers! (a.k.a The Tempest) Obviously, our facilitator didn't even attempt that! Instead, what the hour focussed on were various themes running through the story, us getting to role-play excerpts, highlighting some dramatic turning points, dance -movement activities modelling some of the emotions portrayed by the main characters etc. All in all, it made for a very interesting hour and not just for me but also for my 12 and 9-year old.

I also realised as we walked through the Globe, that there's so much more going on inside that one needs to make more than just a single visit. There is the Globe exhibition, backstage tours and of course the ultimate treat of actually watching a play (the last bit is definitely a bit heavy on the pocket and not just your regular Saturday activity). The family workshop we did was around £8 per head.

I do plan to come back again, but maybe checking the diary and doing a different thing each time.This veritable piece of history is juxtaposed with the absolute modern as the Millenium bridge is just opposite the venue.

We walked across it leaving the old world behind and eventually reaching our new world destination of Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)!

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