Last Chance Exhibits at London's Royal Houses

Last Chance Exhibits at London's Royal Houses


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As we approach the end of the year, so do many of the long running exhibitions taking place at London's Historic Royal Palaces. These exhibits might have been on going for two or three years, but I know from experience that the longer you have to do something, the more you put off doing it. You then find deadlines fast approaching, and before long you've missed your opportunity. Here's a heads up on some of the events that will be ending on the 31st December. If you want to go and see them, now's your last chance.

The Living Tudor World at Hampton Court Palace

Find out what life was like living in the sixteenth century at Hampton Court Palace. Under the rule of Henry VIII, every action you made had to be carefully thought out, or you could end up on his bad side. No one wants that. Learn how to dress, how to greet the king, and see some recreations of Henry VIII's dazzling tapestries. There will also be film screening about Henry's six wives.

Execution at Banqueting House

On 30th January 1649 Charles I was executed outside Banqueting House. The condemned king stepped outside a window onto a specially constructed scaffold, where he was beheaded. As a commemoration, Banqueting House has reconstructed a display at the very location this extraordinary event took place. It outlines the events leading up to his execution, and includes a short film portraying Charles's last few hours as he said goodbye to his children.

Historical Reenactments at the Tower of London

Three reenactments will be performed before the end of the year. The first is of the Spanish Queen of the 7th & 8th December. Watch the story of Eleanor of Castile unfold, as the thirteenth century Spanish princess became Queen of England. Between the 15th - 23rd December, you can Deck the Halls as King Edward I and his court prepare for Christmas. Knights and ladies gather by candle-light to swap tales of saints and sinners, chivalry and sorcery. Then experience a Medieval Christmas over the 27th-31st December with the Normans in the White Tower and the Saxons in the New Armouries restaurant.

Victoria Revealed at Kensington Palace

Inspired by Queen Victoria's journals, and featuring displays of personal objects, find out about the life of our longest ruling monarch. Learn about her interests, strict childhood, and how her unabated love for Prince Albert sent her into lifelong morning.

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