Endcliffe Park Independent Cafe

Endcliffe Park Independent Cafe


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In Endcliffe Park at Hunters Bar you can enjoy a superb children's playground, a green gym, a parkour playground, ducks, stepping stones, playing pooh sticks from the bridge, a big flat open space for ball games and many trees. It's everything a park should be and is well used throughout the year.

And then there's the Endcliffe Park Indpendent Café. In a traditional pavilion just next to the playing field it's both delightful and practical, but be warned, it can get very busy at weekends. The focus is on a family friendly experience: children's menu, high chairs and a picture book library are all available and there's a noticeboard of relevant local events and classes too.

There are a fine selection of breakfasts on the menu, including the EPIC one (Endcliffe Park Independent Café, geddit?) but they're only available until 11.30am. After this, the hot sandwich list will sustain you during the rest of the day if you're seeking recovery for a hangover - although the noise levels may be a little trying. Taking advantage of the outside seating is advised in this circumstance.

If you're looking for more than just standard café fare there's a specials board of proper home-made dinners with meat and vegetarian seasonal options including soup, salad and children's options. There's a high quality range of tea and barista coffee as well as hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Cakes, traybakes and locally made ice-cream can prove hard to resist. The café is open daily 9 – 5 but closes at 4 on weekdays during the winter.

This is a well-sited café which provides high quality food and drinks to the many families who come to the park on a regular basis. It's not exclusively for families though. I once went in for an early coffee on a weekday and there was only one other person in there. Feeling sure that I recognised him from somewhere I nodded a casual hello on my way to the counter. It was only as I paid for my drink that I realised I only knew him from the telly - it was Jarvis Cocker.

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