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E.Mono Kebabs

Doner kebabs sometimes get a bad wrap (excuse the pun), it's no surprise though, they usually are consumed by drunkards trying to sober up and avoid an inevitable hangover, or the local punk looking for a quick food fix.

As you can imagine London is full of your 24 hour grease feast venues, ranging from pizza, fried chicken, Chinese, or all three. A venue that takes it up ten fold, offering free range chicken, unfrozen meats and fresh ingredients are the doner kebab kings of Kentish Town Road and their expert kebab store E.Mono.

I first entered their narrow establishment after a friend and spoken highly of the kebabs that emerged from there. She was certain that these possibly were the best kebabs she had ever eaten. A big call, but I had to see what the fuss was about.

The room was filled with that distinct aroma of meat. One that I thoroughly enjoy when famished. Ahead of me was the well-known vertical rolling grill donning rotating lamb, while the other, succulent chicken.

I peaked into the ingredients tray, after my satisfied sigh from the meat and was impressed by the freshness of the salads on offer.

Attempting to eat my body weight in kebab, I ordered a large. I was happy.

Filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion and the cherry-on-top, chilli and garlic sauce; I knew I had made a wise selection.

Weighing what felt like a stone, this was definitely a review-worthy bab. Not only did it house the ingredients of every good kebab, but it was value for money and the tastiest, freshest and most flavoursome kebab to say the least.

Next time you find yourself in Kentish Town, pop into E. Mono, Michael and his team have successfully turned around the reputation of the night time kebab with their quality creations. One thing is for sure, with E.Mono, you definitely don't have to be drunk to enjoy their doner kebabs.

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