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"Marching On Together! We're gonna see you win, na na na na na na, we are so proud, we shout it out loud we love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!"

One of the most famous songs in world football echos around every home game for Leeds United – and by god, it's an atmosphere.

That's right, this review comes from the very heart of the Yorkshire city, quite literally, just off the M621 near the big B&Q.

Arguably one of the biggest clubs in English football, Leeds United has a history of fans expressing themselves in the stands, newspapers and all over the streets.

I once asked a man and his dog (literally), one thing that sums up Leeds as a city; his reply was simply: "the club."

Look, I'm not here to rant about how good Leeds were in the 70s and 80s. Firstly, I couldn't tell you from personal opinion because I'm a 90s child, and secondly, they were nicknamed 'Dirty Leeds' so it would only irritate you readers. I'm here to recommend a day out at – the best place to see a football match for atmosphere and passion in the country. I think that's a fact.

Banter aside, if you are in Leeds as a mutual football fan, get yourself along to watch a match. The season has just begun and the league is as competitive as ever. Any football fan will agree, when you're in a crowd of 30,000 people all cheering on the same team it's a buzz like no other. You really get into the game with the constant chanting; whether the result is win, lose or draw.

is set out into four main sections. Do you want to go watch a game of football? Get into the West Stand. A laid back affair with a great wide view of the pitch. With the family? The East Stand is the place to be then. Once again, it's easy to sit and watch a game of football and take in the atmosphere coming from the North Stand – which is the best place to stand to soak up your surroundings. Not the best place to stand if you're easily offended because the majority of hardcore Leeds fans have season tickets in the North Stand and will let the players, referee and officials know what they're thinking. But it gives you the reality of what these people provide to a club each week. The fourth section is the away fans.. so stay clear.

Ticket prices vary for match day. Check out the website to be completely sure, but they range from £11 to £40.

Right, how to get there? Travelling from out of town, I suggest the train then bus route. Simply because, parking is a tough ask on match day for a newcomer. Fans know the places to park and the prices to pay. If you get the train, shuttle buses take fans to and from the stadium all day. Buses set off from under the bridge near the train station. Directions by car can be found on the Leeds United website (below).

So, if you fancy a different day out to your standard shopping trip or your all you can eat buffet – come to , that is unless, you're a Man United fan.

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