Elephant Parade 2014 at Intu Uxbridge

Elephant Parade 2014 at Intu Uxbridge


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Mon 02 Jun 2014 - Sun 29 Jun 2014

As I emerge from Uxbridge Train Station I am faced with the sprawling shopping centre Intu Uxbridge. Flanking the entrance to Intu are a group of elephants. As I approach them I can see clusters of tourists and shoppers surrounding them their cameras flashing as they photograph the elephants. Curious as to why a herd of elephant statues are stationed in the most prominent place in the town I decide to know more.

I approach the elephants and read on the plaques placed upon them that they were decorated and put on display to raise awareness of The Asian Elephant Foundation a charity set up to stop the poaching of elephants. These stunning works of art have been put on display in Intu shopping centres throughout the country. It strikes me as clever to display them in a popular place in the town teeming with people throughout the day.

After reading about the good cause this art is supporting I immediately knew I had to review it and let people know about it. These moving and emotive pieces have mainly been created by well known artists and celebrities, such as Karen Hollis a famous artist of floral paintings. Star power will attract attention to this worthwhile. We only have to look at the success of Bob Geldof's charity single Do They Know it's Christmas.

The beauty of these statues reminds people who view them of the beauty of real elephants and what we might lose if they became endangered. Visitors who find these elephants attractive and want to contribute to this charity can purchase a smaller elephant of their own. Children are being made aware of this charity too.

Schools, such as Yeading Junior School, have given their pupils the chance to decorate their own statues. The elephants have been emblazoned with a message from their creator.

Karen Hollis's elephant is covered in bold flowers. She writes of it symbolising the risks of life such as the risk of losing elephants. The elephants proceed through the shopping centre and shoppers can follow them like they can follow an actual herd.

The elephants are soon to be auctioned so people should take advantage of this chance to view these beautiful works of art.

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