Electro Brunch at Gaucho

Electro Brunch at Gaucho


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There's a DJ in the corner. He wears a tropical shirt and sunglasses, even though we're inside and the walls are painted black. I'm sitting on a white leather couch – they're normally tacky, but here they work.

A fusion of slick music played by an even slicker DJ, brassy rhythms and the odd throwback to 80s disco, while you clear plate after plate of brunch dishes and sip on an Aperol spritz.

If you've never visited Gaucho, the principles are very simple: good Argentinian steak and good Argentinian wine, served up in somewhat glam surroundings.

Electro Brunch inverts your expectations for Gaucho though – the crowd is surprisingly young, despite the £50 price point. The menu is big, but portions are petite. The price warrants a good attempt at trying every dish on the menu, which we manage between the two of us.

As the room begins to buzz, you'll notice the music gets a bit louder, and your waiter/waitress will most likely be snaking their hips to the beat. Mid-samba, you'll be asked what you want to drink and warned that refills of your chosen beverage will arrive each time you finish your drink. Not ideal for the first drinks we chose – the Orange Zinger and Apple Gone Loupe.

My favourite fresh juices are those which feature ginger, but one tall glass of orange, carrot and ginger was more than enough, and a refill would have been wasted on me.

Remember to ask your waiter if you want to change your drink selection, before he replaces the empty glass on the table.

Gaucho doesn't let you go thirsty, nor hungry.

Whilst choosing our first selection from the menu, mini croissants were brought to the table, with a tiny saucepan filled with peanut butter dulce de leche.

We commenced with Beans on Toast with Spanish Chorizo and Smashed Avocado on Toast with Crispy Bacon Bits. The meat is the main attraction at Gaucho, so we were expecting good things.

The first thing I noticed was the chorizo in the same forkful as the beans and toast. It was delicate and finely cut and not what I was expecting at all. The avo on toast was good, but we would have liked a little more crispy bacon.

We switched up our drinks and ordered a couple of Aperol Spritz, mixed with Argentinian Chandon sparkling wine rather than Prosecco, and our second course arrived.

Eggs Royale was served up classically: smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise. No meat to be seen.

Poached eggs can be hard to get right, you want the yolk to gloop out gracefully just as you break the egg …

And this glooped …


We decided to keep the sweeter dishes for last, so next was the Oven Baked Chorizo Sausage. A mini fry-up arrived on a sizzling black hot plate, the highlight, of course, being the soft chorizo sausage.

It sizzled next to half a grilled tomato, and we spread a spoonful of chimichurri over the top.

The Fried Provoleta and Choripan Sandwich arrived and our waiter berated me for trying to eat the bread, telling me to save room for the meat in true Gaucho spirit.

Fried Provoleta was served hot, hot, hot, with a side of caramelised onion chutney.

Cheesy goodness always oozes.

We made room for a final meaty punch; Gaucho Benedict with Salt Beef and Steak and Eggs.

Time for one more perfectly poached egg…

… then the big one.

100g of pure Churrasco de cuadril with a fried egg. Steak for breakfast is underrated. This was the best dish of the day in my opinion, because if you're a meat lover, really high-quality meat never disappoints.

Rare and fresh off the grill. This is what you go to Gaucho for.

The final two pieces of the puzzle were the sweets. French Toast with Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche and the Banana Pancakes with Nutella.

Gaucho Electro Brunch is available on Saturdays from 11am-4pm.

  • One drink per person, at any one time for a duration of 2 hours from the seating time

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