Ed's Easy Diner, Victoria Place

Ed's Easy Diner, Victoria Place


Posted 2017-07-06 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
On the way back from a day in London, we found ourselves in Victoria station, waiting for the train back to our neck of the woods. Of course, waiting plus wandering around equals two little voices piping up to ask what was for dinner when they got home. We knew this was the script to 'can we please have a bite here in one of the restaurants?' and braced ourselves for that. They spotted 'Ed's Easy Diner' as did we and just as they were getting ready to put on their best 'puppy dog' faces to plead, we, having had a quick look at the prices, felt it wasn't too bad, said yes, much to their surprise and delight!

The items on the menu were mostly things one already gets in other fast food and café chains in the UK, but something about the way it was served and the ambience did make it look American. For instance, the hamburger which my older daughter ordered, looked bigger and brighter (don't ask- maybe it's the lighting!) and came with 'American cheese' and what was called 'Ed's Diner Sauce'. The cheese did taste cheesier (no pun intended!) somehow. For drinks and desserts - there was the usual array (nothing American there) that one now can find in almost all eating joints of the civilised world! The only new thing, which I tried to encourage my little one into getting (so I could sip a bit on the side) was the very American 'Root Beer Float'. Unfortunately, she didn't eventually go for it and settled for a familiar hot chocolate with cream.

The bar stools and pictures around did make it look, shall we say 'not British'.

I think generally speaking, for a joint like in this Central London, the fact that most of the main courses ranged from £8 to £14, it didn't seem too outrageous. I may not visit it on my own again, but certainly it's something I can now put on my 'been there, done that' list as far as eateries in London go. Perhaps you may want to, too.

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