Edinburgh's Mews

Edinburgh's Mews


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Recently, I've spent a lot of time exploring Edinburgh's lovely Mews. They're often tucked away amidst towering tenements and easy to miss if you're not looking out for them. There are several Mews dotted around the city, especially notable in Edinburgh's New Town area. Constructed between 1765 -1850 (approx.) the area comprises typically grand Georgian architecture in which the Mews houses were built as stables for the larger houses. Now used as houses or flats themselves, they're so dainty and endearing in contrast to Edinburgh's typical mighty tenements. If you're a sucker for architecture, or just all things cute, exploring is for you!

I've put together a list of all my favourite must-see Mews:

Circus Lane:

Probably one of Edinburgh's most famous streets, Circus Lane is set against a backdrop of the beautiful New Town, sandwiched between the Georgian-style houses typical of the Stockbridge area. A breath of fresh air from the towering tenement blocks of Edinburgh, these tiny Mews houses are completely charming! You'll probably recognise this street as it's the perfect place for a picture, so a popular spot for photographers. If you've always wanted to check it out for yourself then good news! It's only about 10 minutes from Princes Street and perfect if you're wandering down to the Stockbridge area.

Gloucester Lane:

I mentioned that many of are tucked away in the New Town, and about 5 minutes walk away from Circus Lane is Gloucester Lane. Again, perfect to explore if you're heading down to Stockbridge or just wandering around the New Town! Tip: pop into Gloucester Square whilst you're there too!

Northumberland Street South West Lane:

You've guessed it, this one's in the New Town too! Another perfect coupling of New Town grandeur and quaint cottages.

Carlton Terrace Mews:

Hidden away between Royal Terrace and Regent Terrace near Princes Street and Calton Hill, this Mews is a hidden gem. Unlike the Mews mentioned above which all occupy a strip of road, this one's a little square. This gives it a truly unique and intimate feel. What's magical is that the tenets of these miniature houses share a garden in the centre of the houses, creating a distinct charm. They hang their clothes, grow plants and sit and chat on benches, a wonderful little community!

Royal Terrace Mews:

If you're on a mission to find Carlton Terrace Mews, Royal Terrace Mews is a must see too. Only a couple minutes walk from each other, don't miss out on seeing both! Although admittedly lacking the same charm as Carlton Terrace Mews, Royal Terrace is a sweet little colourful lane. This whole area is a hidden gem away from the bustle of the city centre. To see a quieter, calmer but equally as beautiful side to Edinburgh, head down!

Randolph Lane:

Situated in the city's West End, these Mews cottages are perfectly placed against a backdrop of West End grandeur, the towering dome of the National records of Scotland building and tall tenements. It's also about a 5 minute walk from Princes Street and offers a nice peaceful contrast from the busy street. I'd take a wee detour to see this Mews if you're exploring the West End or heading down to Dean Village.

Dean Park Mews:

Perfect to check out if you're exploring the delights of Dean Village. Dean Park Mews is another hidden gem. A visit here will give you the chance to see parts of the city you might otherwise have missed! It's in walking distance from Inverleith Park which is great to visit if you're wanting a calm stroll in a beautiful setting.

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