The Edge Gym - Leeds University Campus

The Edge Gym - Leeds University Campus


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The Edge Gym, situated on Leeds University Campus, is a very modern and exciting gym to use. When choosing a gym there are often several factors to consider: equipment, price, atmosphere, location and staff. Although it would be wrong of me to state that the gym has no flaws, what is certain is that for a University gym it is undoubtedly an impressive sporting facility.
The location is ideal for pretty much anyone living in Leeds City Centre. If you are studying at the university then obviously the location is fantastic, however the gym is also open to members of the public and if you live anywhere near the centre then it is very accessible. The gym also has very practical opening hours, as on weekdays it opens from 6.30am-10.30pm and on the weekends it is open from 8.30am-5.30pm. The staff at the gym are also incredibly helpful and friendly which is very important for a gym customer because very often there are minor issues, such as forgetting your I.D to get in, and they are resolved very quickly by the staff.

The equipment is also very high-tech and well maintained. When you join the gym you obtain a key which allows you to store data about your workouts and also program your own personal workouts so you know what you did last time and what you aim to do this time. The majority of the cardio machines are fitted with screens so you are able to watch T.V, listen to the radio or listen to your iPod through this very impressive technology. On your induction to the gym you learn all about the wonders of this 'magic' key and if you choose to use it it can be very useful for your exercise routine.

Unfortunately, the gym does have some issues which compromise its suitability for some people. Firstly, the price is a massive issue especially for students. If you are a student in first year in a halls of residence then you receive the basic membership for free, which allows you to access the gym at restricted times. This isn't a massive issue in first year because if you wish to go at other times it is less than £100 to upgrade to the premium membership, which gives you unlimited access. However, as soon as you move into second year, and you wish to have unlimited access to the gym, you must be prepared to take a massive hit to the student loan. The premium membership in second year costs £252 if bought online, which means that you may be feasting on beans on toast more often than expected. However, if you use the gym on a regular basis then this price should not be an issue, especially with the calibre of equipment on offer.

Another dilemma is choosing which time to go. Because of the gyms popularity, if you want to go during the peak hours then you may be waiting some time for the equipment you wish to use. This can become slightly frustrating and therefore if you do not possess the necessary patience levels then it is probably best to go early in the day or late at night. Obviously, this is not convenient for all so sometimes you may have to plan for a slower gym session.

Nevertheless The Edge is a contemporary, friendly and practical gym. It has brilliant machines that are well maintained and have high-tech systems integrated into them. Although there are some minor issues, the gym is highly recommendable and if you are a keen gym user then it is definitely worth getting a membership.

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