Dri Dri Gelato

Dri Dri Gelato


Posted 2012-10-22 by Bryony Symesfollow
My first introduction to was, it has to be said, not under the best of circumstances. It was during Notting Hill Carnival (this year was the first time I had been) and anyone who has gone to the carnival will know that it is utter chaos, amid the streets of one of the wealthiest areas of London.

In fact, with most of the shops boarded up against the onslaught of carnival goers, I was surprised that Dri Dri was even open.

They were serving a limited selection of about 10 flavours, all of which sounded delicious which threw a spanner into the works when it came to choosing what to order... I can personally vouch for butterscotch which was creamy, sweet and with a nip of something absolutely addictive. One scoop is definitely not enough!

Meanwhile my sister and friend both loved their flavours, one of which was rich chocolate and the other pistachio.

The place itself was funky, decorated in a very '60's retro style in oranges and browns. Even during the carnival they had a few seats and I'm sure during normal business they have stools along the side wall, which would be great for sitting and catching up with a long-lost friend.

I also have to commend them on not being frazzled or infuriated by noisy, drunken carnival goers! With loud music and joyousness coming in from the street, the staff were still smiling and friendly and the atmosphere was a welcome break from the hectic streets. They even had a bin!

I look forward to returning in the autumn as I'm sure they'll have some great seasonal flavours, as they source seasonal produce from all over the world, including English fruits.

Also, this is an almost-guilt-free snack, as gelato is so much healthier than ice cream with a much lower fat content. That's why I intend to sample lots more in the coming months, especially as it is such a lovely area to go to for an afternoon of shopping and wandering.

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