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Dreamy 'N' Healthy


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If you're walking to the Heath from Hampstead High Street, you'll come across , a fairly new addition to the area's food scene. While the majority of the cafes in Hampstead offer your usual sandwiches, soup and cakes, differs in that it specialises in poké bowls and colourful superfood lattes. I discovered the café about a year ago, and it's become somewhat of a regular since.

is the ideal eatery for anyone who is health-conscious and needs a boost of energy before venturing on a long hike across the Heath. Their poké bowls come in a recyclable bowl and are packed full of nutritious ingredients. When I pop into for lunch, I tend to opt for a bowl of rice with either tofu or chicken and various veg. There are so many options to choose from when building your poké bowl: start off with rice or greens or quinoa, pick a protein (either Ahi tuna, king prawns, salmon, smoked salmon or chicken), and then select 3 toppings (including sweetcorn, edamame, pickled ginger, feta cheese, kimchi, mixed peppers and radish). Finish off with a tasty drizzle (such as honey 'n' ginger, pomegranate balsamic, cucumber 'n' garlic, and lemon 'n' lime) and crunch (crispy onion, mixed seeds, crispy garlic, coconut flakes, nori flakes, pistachio or salad topper).

Fancy a drink? You have to try one of the lattes or other Instagrammable drinks at . They do your typical chai latte and matcha latte, as well as the more unique 'pink latte', 'blue latte' and 'yellow latte'. When I visited the café last week, I was recommended the Rose and Chamomile Lemonade. It's one of the prettiest drinks you've ever seen, and it's refreshing too.

The café underwent refurbishment earlier this year, and the menu now includes light breakfast dishes. There's porridge (for a rather expensive £5.95, but you can add 3 toppings), spinach on sweet potato toast, and smoked salmon on sweet potato toast. Perhaps you'd prefer a taco – these come with the same protein, toppings, sauces and crunch as the poké bowls.

has a few tables if you want to dine in, but despite a little extension, the seating is still very limited. Luckily, the Heath is only a short walk away, and there are plenty of benches in Hampstead too.

If you happen to be in Hampstead, try . You won't regret it.

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