Double Zero 00 Pizza

Double Zero 00 Pizza


Posted 2017-01-17 by Stephanie Kissfollow
With Valentine's Day growing increasingly near, there's many of you frantically looking for that perfect place to take your other half. In a city like Manchester, how can you be expected to choose out of the vast number of restaurants and bars? I asked myself what the best way to someone's heart is; and for me, that is pizza.

Now, I'm not just talking about any old pizza.

I'm talking about that doughy base which is crisped around the edges. A base topped with fresh tomato sauce and tied together with various, mouth-watering toppings. It's difficult to find a truly traditional, wood-fired pizza unless you're able to pack up and fly out to Naples.

But I have done the impossible, I've found a place which puts Italy to shame! (I'm just kidding, but it's not far off - honestly.)

That place is Double Zero.

Situated on Barlow Moor road in Chorlton, it almost goes unnoticed to passers-by. The only indication from the street is a little wooden plaque in the window reading: Double Zero. Despite this, the place was packed! The space is relatively small, but everyone's conversations merged together and it actually created a really good atmosphere.

We were a party of five, and we arrived without booking (probably not the best thing to do!) but the staff were really lovely, moving the tables to accommodate for us.

(Not to mention very handsome; you guys best keep an eye on your dates).

The tables themselves are basic wooden tables; there's no faff, but the visible pizza oven is enough to give it a warm and friendly feel.

Starters consist of typical Italian faves and who doesn't love a good antipasti board? Perfect for sharing and getting all romantic! But I decided to save myself for the pizza and stuck for sharing a garlic bread instead! (£5) The garlic bread was just the right amount of everything; I would definitely recommend.

Now for the best part - PIZZA TIME!

There's plenty of pizzas on the menu, but if you can't decide on one there's the option to make your own; which I couldn't resist. Spicy pepperoni, with extra mozzarella cheese and rocket - buon appetito! I honestly could not tell you what it was that made it so good, but it just was. I died and went to heaven. And then I did it again the next day for dinner because they boxed the left over's up for me! I cannot fault the food one bit, or the service. It's a great place to go and I'll definitely be going again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention its take your own booze! (there's a 10% corkage charge) So if you aren't already convinced (which you should be!) I shared a garlic bread, a pizza to myself and a full bottle of wine for £10.

One thing I would say is if you are going to visit for Valentine;s, definitely book a table. If it was that busy on a Monday night I imagine they'll be a hefty wait.


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