DMAX Championship 2013

DMAX Championship 2013


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Sun 21 Jul 2013

It is probably the dream of most Formula One fans to be able to get behind the wheel of their very own hot rod and compete in a championship race. Well that dream can become reality with Daytona Motorsport, who give average people like you and me a chance to race head to head at the DMAX Championships . Based in Milton Keynes and Sandown Park, DMAX have forty-five state of the art racing karts. For the techies, the karts are designed with an Italian chassis, centrifugal clutch, and are powered by a high-revving twenty-two break horsepower Rotax engine.

The Championship is based on an 'Arrive&Drive' format; all the costs are upfront, with no hidden extras or damage costs. Before you race, you will need to book a test session, in which you will become familiar with the kart and circuit.

There are two formats to choose from, including the Sprint Kart Series or Endurance Kart series .

In the Sprint Series you will complete four practice laps before entering three heats of six to eight laps each. The drivers with the highest scores will qualify for a front grid position in the final, while the others will start at the back. The Championship will then take place, and the winner will step onto the podium to receive their trophy.

In the Endurance series you will choose from one of three classes of vehicle to race in: lightweight, intermediate, and heavyweight. You will be pitted against people in the same class so that the race is fair.

Pole position will be determined my a fifteen minute qualifying race around the track. The person with the fastest time will be at the front of the grid. The race is one of stamina, in which you will race non-stop for one hour on one tank of fuel.

The dates of the next Championships are:

21st July
Bayford Meadows

18th August
Whilton Mill

15th September
Red Lodge

20th October
Daytona MK

17th November
Daytona SP

There are also daily bookings for racing sessions at Milton Keynes or Sandown Park . These are available for all ages: 5-7 (£25.50), 8-15 (£30.50), and 16 plus (£35.50-£70).

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