Disney On Ice Presents Passport To Adventure - Review

Disney On Ice Presents Passport To Adventure - Review


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Fri 22 Sep 2017 - Sun 29 Oct 2017

Taking a journey through four of Disney's most popular tales, this spectacular show combined dazzling costumes and music with big set ice dance routines.

The latest in the Disney On Ice series, Passport To Adventure, is at Arena Birmingham (formerly Barclaycard Arena) until October 29 as part of a UK tour until the end of the year that includes Newcastle and London.

Even before the two-hour show begins, characters from Zootropolis! come out to warm up the crowd and thrill the children in particular. The opening number is a dazzling affair that fits into the passport theme as it is a cavalcade of ice skaters performing traditional dances from around the world.

This sets the scene for Mickey Mouse (with Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy and Pluto in tow) who skate on dressed as adventurers and embark on an exciting journey to both foreign and make-believe lands.

First off is the African Pride lands where a shortened version of The Lion King film is told with the best songs and characters. It's a whirlwind through the story but keeps the attention with clever ice dance choreography. There's the high quality associated with Disney from the start and obviously talented skaters involved, many of whom are performing in bulky padded costumes like that of meerkat and warthog Timon and Pumbaa.

There's also beautiful ice skating routines accompanying the songs, like 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight', that feature toe jumps, flips and loops.

Moving on, Mickey and friends are back on the ice to continue their journey to England for a reworking of the Mary Poppins' song 'It's A Jolly Holiday' (in London for this version). Here we find the Darling family, who take the audience into a spectacular Peter Pan escapade.

Characters fly across the ice, Captain Hook sweeps in on a ship with a merry band of pirates for a grand group dance routine and the whole thing keeps children, in particular, completely spellbound.

One of the most intricate and clever routines of the show is in this section when Peter Pan ice dances, leaps and twirls in perfect unison with his shadow. It's all exhilarating and this is only the close of the first act.

After a short interval, the second section gets underway where the travels take us under the sea for The Little Mermaid. It's apparent that the show is getting more spectacular as it goes on and this section is buzzing with vibrant colours, costumes and added touches like bubbles to tie in with the scene being underwater.

Ariel's romantic adventure is charming and vivacious with the popular calypso-influenced songs of 'Kiss The Girl 'and 'Under The Sea' creating a happy vibe around the arena. The little girl I was with was totally transfixed.

Disney knows its audience and the final stop-off of the show is saved for a lengthy recreation on ice of its hugely successful recent movie Frozen.

Everything in this final section seems grander, more glamorous and glittering with an extra touch of sparkle. There's sparks, snow storms, indoor fireworks and a stunning solo ice skating routine to 'Let It Go'. The costumes are fabulous too, especially seeing life-size snowman Olaf brought to life and skating around the rink.

It is a show aimed at children but to such a high quality that it's entertaining for adults too. It's a magical adventure that transports you into some of your favourite Disney moments. Seeing the look of wonder on the youngest of faces is a joy.

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For more information on the show and for tickets, visit the Disney on Ice website or Arena Birmingham website. . Tickets cost from £17.68.

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