6 Ways to Discover Paddington Bear

6 Ways to Discover Paddington Bear


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On Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond saw a lone teddy bear standing on a shelf in Selfridges. This last minute present to his wife, in fact turned out to be a gift to the whole world, for it inspired the author to write a series of children's books about a bear called Paddington. With dozens books to his name, a comic strip, two television series, and now a film, Paddington is one of the most famous bears in the world - probably only coming second to Winnie The Pooh.

Fans have been able to enjoy Paddington from home for over half a century, reading his books, watching videos and DVD, and eating his marmalade. But Paddington likes going on adventures; he was not made for staying at home (when he does, things often go a bit skew-whiff). So why not join him on his travels, because now you can find him all about London.

1. Paddington Bear Shop

The first place you can find Paddington is at the Paddington Bear Shop at Paddington Station. Stocking everything from toys, DVDs, prints, postcards, notes, and more, it is your one stop shop for memorabilia. Downstairs, you can also see a commemorative bronze statue of the moment just before he was discovered by Mr and Mrs Brown.

2. Paddington Curiosity Shop

Until the 31st December you can visit the Paddington Curiosity Shop at Selfridges. Like the shop at Paddington station, you can buy related merchandise (although it is much more expensive), but you can also see lots of props from the new movie. These include costumes, a doll house, and rocking horse.

3. Paddington Trail

Paddington is loved so much, one is just not enough. Discover the fifty Paddington statues dotted around London by following the Paddington trail. Each unique statue has been designed by a different celebrity or organisation. The statues will remain on display until the 30th December before being auctioned off to charity.

4. Paddington: Illustrated and Animated

An exhibition at the House of Illustration takes you through a chronological history of Paddington's conception to the new movie. It is open until the 4th January, and includes video footage, sketches, letters, and activities for children. Entry to the gallery is £7 for adults and £4 for children., If you just want to go to the Paddington Exhibit, there is a discount.

5. A Bear Called Paddington

The Museum of London also has an exhibit, and although it covers the same facts and details, there are different display items to look at, so it is still worth going. I have been all these places, and didn't find myself getting bored with repetition.

6. Paddington Movie

On the 28th November Paddington Bear makes his big screen debut. Directed and written by Paul King, the producer of the Harry Potter series has adapted events from the book and added his own exciting plot, which brings in Nicole Kidman as antagonist, Millicent. Paddington is voiced by Ben Whishaw, and film will also star Hugh Boneville, Sally Hawkins, and Julie Walters.

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