Devil's Pulpit at Finnich Glen

Devil's Pulpit at Finnich Glen


Posted 2016-06-03 by Clarefollow

The Devil's Pulpit is a little slice of calm on a gorge walk just 40 minute drive north of Glasgow. It's perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Expect to get wet.

Directions: Look for the lay-by near the bridge over the burn on A809, this is where the path starts and leads into the woods to the staircase down to the gorge. There is only space in the layby to park two cars but if you continue a little to the junction of A809 and B834 there is some space to leave your car. Its not a parking lot, but if you park considerately and don't block the gates and drive through nobody will mind. Carefully walk along the road to the start of the path which is on your left over the bridge.

The first challenge is the barbed wire fence you need to get over - someone wanted to keep this place to themselves. Some nice person had left a towel over the fence so you won't hurt yourself while trying to get over. Believe me, this is the right path to the staircase. From the fence it is roughly a 10 to 15 minute walk across the top of the gorge to the staircase. You wont miss it. The staircase is incredibly slippery with a few steps missing but there have been a few ropes tied up to help you down. Just make sure your hands are free to grab on to it.

When you finally make it down into the gorge there is a sudden drop in temperature and the water is even colder. You can walk up the burn (it's easier to walk through the water as it is less slippery) to the first little waterfall. At the waterfall (seen in the picture above) you will find a large pool of water deep enough to swim in if you're brave enough. We enjoyed a nice swim then took a walk down the gorge which eventually opens up into a field. It was a 20 degree day and the perfect way to cool down. Enjoy.

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