December Productions @ The Half Moon Theatre

December Productions @ The Half Moon Theatre


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Sat 08 Dec 2012 - Sat 22 Dec 2012

The Half Moon Theatre in Tower Hamlets, East London provides entertainment for children from the cradle right up to 18 years old. As well as being an audience member, there are opportunities to participate in a fun and creative way. This month, there are three stage productions being produced for young children:

How High?

Saturday 8th Dec, 11am & 2pm

How High? is an educational show for three - eight year olds. With live music, children will be captivated as they learn about the concept of height in relationship to the world. Join Hetty while she measures all the things her Uncle Magnus sends her.

Uncle Magnus explores the world in a hot air balloon, so he's sure to have some interesting things at hand, not to mention exciting stories about giants and trolls. Do know how tall a giant is? They reach past the treetops.

A Roo in My Suitcase

Saturday 15th December, 11am & 2pm

When Rosie comes to live in the UK, she feels all upside down. She is from Australia, you see, and having left all her friends behind, she's feeling very lonely.

That is of course, until she opens her suitcase. It looks like Rosie picked up a couple of stowaways - all right more than a couple. A complete collection of animals from way down under have come to join her.

Three - seven year olds will love this fun and quirky story, which celebrates friendship through poetry, songs, and plenty of joining in.

Baba Yaga

Saturday 22nd December, 11am & 2pm

The witch from Russian folklore, Baba Yaga, has come to the Half Moon Theatre. Traditionally portrayed as an evil, child eating hag with chicken legs, in this production she takes on a more comedic role. With lots of spells, magic, and puppetry, kids three - seven years old will be spellbound by the deaf old hag, town yokels, and a beautiful Russian princess.

The story is fully immersive, and uses sign language for deaf children.

All tickets are £6.

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