Deathrow Dive and Diner

Deathrow Dive and Diner


Posted 2015-09-18 by Faye Louise Grahamfollow
Burgers and serial killers - not a conventional combination at the best of times, least of all when brought together for the theme of an eatery.

Should you head to Liverpool's Hope Street, you'll be met by a curiously intriguing 1950s themed diner with a twist. Go through the doorway and down the dark stairwell which leads you to a red-tinged dimly lit bar and restaurant offset with caged partitions. Wait to be seated and the first thing you may notice is the walls adorned with mugshots of three notorious American killers. You could only be in Death Row Diner.

It seems fitting to note that in Southern States in the US it was a customary ritual to give a condemned prisoner a last meal of their choosing preceding their execution. Thus, this diner's offerings are loosely based around the final meal requests of past criminals of Death Row.

The intriguing menu is a cross between greasy USA style grub but with slight hints of finer dining thrown in for good measure. Choose from the 'Steak and Lobster' section or head to 'Burgerville' to opt for a selection of speciality fries or a burger served with a shot, and often set on fire. (flaming burger with a side of bourbon, topped with a chuppa chup lollypop? Don't mind if I do.)

With an array of cocktails on offer, including several takes on the classic Bloody Mary, I opted for the delightful and dangerously moreish 'No Vaseline', expertly mixed and lavishly garnished with fresh fruit, hardly the cheapest or most expensive thing on the menu at £7.50 a pop.

Gloriously gluttonous, DRD offers nothing in the way of healthy eating, which is all part of the charm, and the point, presumably. (Who's worried about a balanced diet when it's your last meal on earth? No-one – that's who. It's time to go wild.)

With that mentality in mind, I guiltlessly tucked into a selection of starters including fried lasagne bites and deep fried mac and cheese (who knew deep frying already delicious meals was a thing?)

I topped off the unconventional fusion of flavours by ordering coconut curry fries laden in a rich and flavoursome sauce (more akin to a gravy than the watery curry consistency I was expecting) and the generously topped homemade Nachos.

While Death Row Diner may exude a dark and dingy style and atmosphere, the service and food was anything but. Admittedly, the place attracts predominantly younger crowds due to its contentious theme, but the only crime you're likely to commit here is breaking your diet.

Ultimately, whether you're on a mate date or a romantic one, this place is the perfect alternative eatery, bar and hangout venue, definitely worth the visit. You can head to their website to book online and avoid disappointment during busy periods.

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