Dans le Noir Restaurant

Dans le Noir Restaurant


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Dinner at the restaurant "Dans le Noir ?" ("In the dark?") is a unique multi-sensory experience that will change your look at the world. The principle is simple: let yourself go to share a surprise meal in the absolute darkness around a table with neighbors you do not know.

On paper, the experience consists of slipping into the skin of a blind person and offering yourself to a restaurant that is not a Michelin-starred, but still made of surprising menus at a generous price. But hey, to absorb a few hours of the daily life of 50 million blind people in the world is well worth a few pennies.You are initially welcomed in the bar lounge by a warm team who will explain the unfolding of your evening.

During the tasting of an unknown cocktail, you place your order from a choice of 4 surprise menus created by the chef Olivier Romain: white (total surprise), blue (fish and fruits), red (meat) and green (vegetarian). Allergies are also taken into consideration. For wine, I advise you to choose the "surprise" one by the glass or the bottle, supposed to be perfect for your chosen dishes, but still not too pricey.

The rest of the experience belongs to you. Just keep in mind that your guide is always available for any help or advice. Back at the entrance after this unforgettable experience you will discover the dishes and nectars that you have tasted in photos. I was quite afraid of being completely lost in this pitch darkness, but honestly, you get used to it. I had a tartare of marinated sea bass with lime (which I thought was a simple tuna in tomato sauce), cabbages of tomatoes confit and ricotta with herbs. I saw these complete treasures of gastronomy that my blindness had deprived me of.

"Dans le noir" gives 10% of its profits to charities dedicated to visually impaired and child protection. Finally, "Dans le Noir" also exists in Paris where the concept was launched in 1999 under the charity "Paul Guinot for the blind and the visually impaired".

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