Cuckoo's Bakery

Cuckoo's Bakery


Posted 2012-09-08 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Upon eating the first bite of her Red Velvet cupcake at Tea Room my 5 year-old daughter declared:

"This is literally the best cake I have ever had".

Minutes later, my meal had arrived, and I gave her a bite of my chorizo and mozzarella melt. She immediately offered to swap me half a cupcake for half the sandwich. That's not to say that she was lying about the cupcake, it just shows the superb quality of all the food offered in the bijou Cuckoo Bakery.

Cupcakes are the main attraction, though, with a plethora of brightly coloured cakes arrayed in an unusual vintage-looking display case.

They offer old classics combined with an ever-changing menu of unusual and seasonal options. This summer saw a berry smoothie cupcake (replete with tiny straw) and a Pimms cupcake (not one for the children, even though they would love the paper umbrella!) take to the stage. My own favourite (so far) was a classic vanilla flavoured sponge decorated with peanut butter flavoured icing, with a chocolatey surprise in the centre.

The interior is also quite gorgeous, in cream and blue, with their signature art adorning the walls. It matches the cute little takeaway boxes stamped with a cuckoo clock (they offer a discount on future purchases if you bring your boxes back to be refilled with more cakey goodness). The open counter area where they prepare teas and coffees is a nice touch, as it gives a homely eating-in-the-kitchen feeling, as do the racks on the walls with cuckoo-motif plates.

They also offer a wide array of speciality teas to complement the cupcakes, and if you don't fancy a full cake they've started to do mini versions of their most popular flavours.

All of these taste sensations are offered in large portions (one cake is practically a meal in itself) at very reasonable prices, and I would recommend a visit as soon as possible, or take advantage of their local delivery service and have the cupcakes sent straight to your door.

Just be warned, once you have tried one unusually-flavoured, but delicious, cupcake you will want to try them all. With a menu that changes every week to introduce new flavour combinations it could quickly prove to be an expensive habit for both purse and waistline!

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