Cow and Calf Country Pub & Restaurant

Cow and Calf Country Pub & Restaurant


Posted 2013-07-17 by Ivana Suchevafollow
It was one of these days which fared dismally in a meteorological meaning – all cloudy, rainy and windy – definitely bad timing to be in the mood for doing something other than occupying the sofa and the remote control. That was why we were pretty hopeless about our evening plans until somebody came up with the idea of going to Ilkley. Nobody raised any issues on the proposal so we got in the car and left.

After a 30-minute picturesque ride and a lively discussion about where in Ilkley exactly we would be going, and what precisely we would be doing there, we reached the unanimous decision that we would be drinking hot chocolate in "The Cow and Calf" pub. Imagine.

"The Cow and Calf" is part of the vintage inns collection and has perched conveniently closely for any person with a heart of a tourist to a range of hiking routes. If you are lucky, or simply prudent enough to reserve the correct table, you can even enjoy a pleasant view over the Ilkley Moor and the Calf and Cow Rocks, while having your lunch, dinner or hot chocolate.

It wasn't the case with us, though, but it didn't make our stay less idyllic. When we entered the pub, a warm and cosy atmosphere welcomed us – totally wooden rustic style interior with comfy furniture, and a fire place of course. The friendly hostess asked us whether we would be having just a drink or we would dine, too, and showed us to the table. An even friendlier waitress gave us the menus even though we were 100% sure we were having just hot chocolate.

Well, we didn't. "The Calf and Cow" menu offers a unique selection of dishes such as lamb, redcurrant and rosemary meatballs, grilled rainbow trout, or peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. So, our dining at the pub was obviously inevitable. I chose the roasted flat mushrooms with goat cheese for my hot chocolate (it is a strange combination, indeed), which made the way for something bigger - chicken and chorizo, for example.

The prices at "The Cow and Calf" are relatively normal for the type of service and ambience it offers. You could have an espresso and a cake for not more than £7 and dine in a rural style for as little as £15. And then you can cap that with a nice and refreshing walk to the Rocks and have some lovely pictures there.

The only photos we made, though, were only with the sheep in the backyard of the pub which were grazing peacefully in the rain. And then we got in car and left. Pretty content with our spontaneous rainy evening out. And pretty sure we would be coming back but in the proper weather conditions.

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