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Costa Car Services


Posted 2013-01-01 by Shubhitfollow
A few months back when I was moving houses, I had called upon the services of this cab company. I remember that I had a nice little chat with the driver then, who also happened to be the proprietor. So what prompted me to write about it?

Earlier today I needed a ride back home and I employed their services once again. To my surprise it was the same guy, Ahmed Aweis. As we started talking, he told me more about himself. A Civil Engineering graduate who wanted to run his own business, he started this cab company. He employs a number of drivers and cars that cater to varied needs of his clientele.

Aweis himself is a very mild natured and humble person who is passionate about his work. However, he faces stiff competition from established cab companies. So yes, it was my desire of helping him out in one way that I could, which made me write this review.

The first time I met him, I was leaving the house after a dispute with my land lady who had usurped the security deposit under false pretences, and talking with Aweis calmed me down. If you think about it, a good cabbie is just like a bar tender, who goes on doing his job and still empathises with you if you need him to. Can't say the same about many London cabbies!

Other than that, his rates are lower than the others. He doesn't spend a lot on advertising and relies on word of mouth, as he is still trying to establish himself. The first time I employed his services, the online rent calculator told me it would cost around £8, however, he charged me just £5. So yes, I can rest assured that I am not paying more than I should.

As Aweis tells me, he offers a great number of deals and discounts for businesses and also does a credit-based service in good faith. Businesses can fill out a form on his website and then use his services for a month and pay him at the end of it. He operates from his office in Canary Wharf and is available 24x7. For more details, you can contact him directly on the number below.

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