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Posted 2014-05-18 by Cressida Ryanfollow
You've just stepped off the coach to Oxford and need refreshing. Where better to turn than a stylish independent coffee shop with excellent drinks and a great atmosphere? A visit here will set you up on arrival, revive you before departure, or simply distract you from that sightseeing tour in the first place.

The filter coffee is particularly excellent, which is what one wants in a coffee shop, after all. A hearty mugful at a good temperature for drinking, delicious by itself, and absolutely fabulous with a dash of milk to bring out the sweetness of the beans. They offer their own blend of coffee beans in store, with a description of what it tastes like, great for the coffee lover who wants to develop their palate.

If you'd rather go for a tea, they will serve you a great potful, ready to keep you well-hydrated at a very reasonable price, with a good range of teas available. Order at the till and your drink will be brought swiftly to your table, which cuts down on those long queues you get in other coffee shops, staff shouting over your head to the next-but-ten customer in the line.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The d├ęcor is subtle but fun, with a selection of pictures and mirrors on the fairly neutral walls, the brown background reminiscent of the coffee served within.

There's food as well as a good drink. Mounds of fresh scrambled egg on carefully cut round rounds of toast looked more appetising than one could appreciate in just one visit. In the chiller cabinet there are plentiful cold drinks etc., but the cake and dessert display is the exceptionally tempting bit, with peanut butter towers and great chunks of cake on offer.

[ADVERT]With free WiFi, Combibos is a great place to spend time relaxing or working, supporting an independent local business that offers home-cooked food rather than a big chain with their mass-produced fare. It's a family-run business, which gives you a chance to get to know the people working there, and gives them a chance to get to know their customers, and keep the place on top form.

They offer a student discount, recognising Oxford's status as the UK city with the highest percentage of students. This helps the student pocket, but also helps foster a great atmosphere as students from around the world, not only Oxford, congregate here to chat, think, work and relax. There are plenty of seats inside, with tall wooden stools and normal chairs around a variety of tables. If you'd rather sit outside then they also have a good number of metal chairs and tables there too.

The website is under construction at the time of writing, so not as informative as one might like. They can, however, be found on Facebook and Twitter .

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