Coffee Cake and Kisses

Coffee Cake and Kisses


Posted 2016-11-27 by Amanda Christensenfollow

Tucked away between the various film post-production offices on Warren Street lies the hidden treasure of a cafe Coffee, Cake, and Kisses, home to artisan coffee, delectable baked goods, and mind-opening events.

The shop is all open plan, so if you come at the right time, you can see their chefs whipping up a batch of brownies, decorating a cake, or making your lunch right in front of you.

Their coffees and drinks are definitely as decadent as they promise. I kept it simple and went for a hot chocolate, and watched them prepare three huge cubes of melting chocolate and mix in a great concoction of steamed milk and cream. It's then served up with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and marshmallows on the side. My favorite part was getting to the bottom of the drink, as the more you drank, the richer it was due to the excess chocolate on the bottom.

Not to be outdone, the shop's cookies and baked goods are just as incredible as their drinks. I was in the mood for a cookie, and wasn't prepared to be served one the size of my face! If this cookie was any indication, this is the place to go for any sweets-lover, as they also boast trays and trays of brownies, cakes, bars, name it, they probably have it!

One of the most interesting parts of the cafe was this wall covered in response cards, which beg the questions: What is your favourite type of coffee? What is your favourite type of cake? What is your favourite type of kiss? Reading the various responses can keep you entertained for hours, as the answers vary from tame, sweet, to wild and bold. It also really added to the atmosphere of a community environment.

The staff is also incredibly friendly. Numerous times while we were sat there, the owner herself dropped by to make sure we were doing well and to have a chat. Our waitress, Anna, was also so incredibly sweet and kind, and it's these kinds of personal touches that really make an experience great.

While there, I learned that the shop was going to originally be known as Coffee, Cake, and Kinky, and this cafe still holds up to its would-be namesake by also selling books and having events dedicated to exploring sexuality, relationships, and oneself.

What sets Coffee, Cake, and Kisses apart is that it is one of the few places in London dedicated to inclusion and creating a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or lifestyle. It's this message of inclusion and love that garnered the shop over £37,000 in donations on their Kickstarter campaign, and what keeps bringing people in and making them feel welcome to this day.

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