Coastal Walks in Borth, Wales

Coastal Walks in Borth, Wales


Posted 2018-04-11 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
I have to start by saying that until I reached my destination, I never really knew of the existence of this tiny seaside village in Mid Wales. All I knew was that hubby and I had looked up a caravan holiday park for the Easter break and since we had booked with this particular company before at some other locations, we went ahead with this one.

So, yes, according to records, the total number of residents in this village is estimated to be approximately 1,400. The High Street comprising a gift shop and a cafe runs parallel to the Irish sea. A corner shop, literally at the corner, completes Borth's retail outlets. You get the idea!

The sea gives rise to two types of walks - one alongside the beach which is an easy one. At low tide, it is said that the remains of a lost civilization, dating back to 5000 years, is visible. Unfortunately, as the tide went out at rather unsociable hours (at least for us!), we couldn't really get to see this. The other one is a slightly more adventurous route up the cliff. It is well worth the climb though, as it affords a panoramic view of the bay from atop.

On the Sunday, we decided to attend a church service in the only church there - a quaint old Anglican one called St. Matthew's. Located in the middle of rolling fields, the silences were occasionally filled with the lazy bleat of sheep in the adjoining pasture.

Locals seemed a friendly lot and wherever we went, we were greeted by smiles and a hello. As I said, the village doesn't lend itself to many attractions but if you are looking for a seaside holiday place that doesn't have your usual overpriced rides, casinos and watering places, then you might want to consider Borth. As one of the locals told me when I puffed up the cliff walk- "I've lived here all my life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else ever!".

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