Coast to Coast Restaurant, Solihull

Coast to Coast Restaurant, Solihull


Posted 2014-01-28 by Tammy Faceyfollow
You know those burgers which dreams are made of? The kind which are stacked impossibly high, with cheese melting down the sides, and a bun which holds its own even though the filling threatens to pour out with the first bite? That. It was a gloriously gluttonous evening of gastronomy, when I visited the Coast to Coast restaurant in Solihull.

It doesn't look like much at first glance. In fact, it looks like another steakhouse, which I'd normally pass by, but my friends insisted we give it a try.

Coast to Coast is better than I expected, much better. Firstly, the service was surprisingly good. Staff were attentive, friendly, and they apologised when they informed us that they were 'out' of apple juice, and asked if we'd like anything else, for free.

Once we'd ordered our drinks and perused the menu, time seemed to have flown, and the staff politely informed us of the closing time - we had an hour and a half to go, but it was a nice gesture.

Speaking of the food, we were hungry so ordered a starter of sticky ribs. They were mouth-wateringly good. The portion size was adequate for three people sharing, and really warmed up our tummies.

In hindsight, we may have been wrong to order a starter because once our mains had arrived, it was a concern how we'd finish them. My friends had ordered slightly healthier meals than myself (grilled chicken, steak and sides), but I was in the mood for some junk food.

What came, however, was hardly junk food. It was a proper burger, the kind I'd been hoping for, and it did not disappoint.

Served with a side of fries and onion rings, my burger was a huge concoction of bun, meat, sauce, onions and cheese. It was, excuse the colloquialism, epic. Even my friends questioned how I was going to finish it.

I managed to finish half of my burger, and take the rest home in a - surprisingly sturdy - doggy bag.

After a final round of drinks we ordered the bill, and thought it reasonable that it had come to £63.50. Not bad at all for two drinks per person, a large meal, and a starter.

We'll definitely be going back another time, even more ravenous.

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